BetWarrior has entered into a new partnership alongside digital product studio Shape, to deliver a native, mobile-first gaming platform that meets Apple’s strict new guidelines for entry to its App Store.

Already live in Latin America under its own brand, the organisation states that it is locked in discussion with a number of operators regarding platform deals.

Coming with a 100 per cent focus towards the mobile customer experience, the platform strives to leverage the latest in machine-learning and artificial intelligence, to provide a data-led product that reduces barriers while making it easier to personalise content and promotions.

Complete with a “very exciting roadmap of features,” it will, most importantly, not fall foul of Apple’s new guidelines coming into force in September 2019, which do not permit wrapped HTML5 real-money games, instead insisting that all titles are built into the app itself.

Morten Tonnesen, co-founder and CEO of BetWarrior, commented: “Apple’s new guidelines will create difficulties for operators stuck on legacy platforms that lack the agility to adapt. This is a constant theme for those looking to enter newly-regulating markets across the world.

“This is why we have invested heavily, and worked closely with Shape, to build a new type of gaming platform that is native mobile and can deliver a much richer customer experience – the same goal that Apple has with its new guidelines.

“With our platform already live under the BetWarrior brand, we are looking forward to growing both our consumer and B2B footprints over the coming months.”

Nicolas Linde, partner at Shape, added: “The recent announcement from Apple has rightly caused concern among those operating legacy products that will fall foul of the new guidelines.

“But this change is not a great surprise for us at Shape. Apple has previously indicated a preference for native applications, and we believe the medium offers a more immersive experience for the player.

“This is why we have focused on building a best-in-class native mobile application for the igaming sector, and we are delighted to see it rolled out by such an innovative and exciting new partner as BetWarrior.”