As identifying problem gamblers arguably gets easier with technology, how do you translate effective outreach to customers who may not be willing to accept that they have an issue?

With increased scrutiny being placed upon the industry regarding a plethora of related circumstances, Graham Weir, founder and CEO at Safer Gambling Solutions and chair of the inaugural Safer Gambling Forum, yesterday stressed that: “It’s not acceptable that people can quickly get themselves into significant difficulty without being spotted”.

Representing one such avenue to be explored at next week’s SGF, which forms part of the CasinoBeats Summit and Betting on Sports, Jon Duffy, director of corporate assurance and regulatory affairs at Genting UK, is one participant lending his expertise to the discussion.

Regarding the approach to a situation where an identified problem gambler does not want to accept support, as well as what steps are duly taken, Duffy explained: “All customers can potentially develop a problem with gambling and we work with experts in behavioural analytics to help us identify those having issues with gambling, no matter how big or small.

“Once identification of players at risk has been revealed, we need to interact; importantly, we need to interact effectively. Interactions or interventions can come in a number of forms including conversations, measures and tools.

“There are of course gamblers that do not want to accept support when we offer it to them. However, we value the welfare of our customers significantly more than the profit of the company. 

As an industry, we need to work together to tackle the issue of problem gambling”

“With that in mind, if we identify a customer having an issue with gambling that then refuses to accept our interactions, we will intervene by suspending or completely shutting down their account.”

Earlier this year Genting become the first gambling company to achieve the Safer Gambling Standard, the social responsibility accreditation for the industry developed by national charity GamCare.

“The Safer Gambling Standard is extremely important as it will help raise standards across the industry and establish operational best practice,” Duffy noted on the importance of the recognition. 

“For Genting as an organisation, it means that our processes are adequate, effective and in line with the relevant legislation. But we can’t sit still on this matter and we are constantly reviewing our responsible gaming measures to ensure that they are the most robust within the industry.

“We take responsible gambling exceptionally seriously and the processes we have in place reflect that. Operating responsibly is central to how the company works, rather than simply being a tick-box exercise.”

Duffy is set to participate at the SGF in a panel entitled ‘Creative Approach – Identifying and Interacting with Problem Gamblers’ on Thursday 19 September at 14:10-14:50.

“We value the welfare of our customers significantly more than the profit of the company”

Regarding the introduction of the SGF to the wider CasinoBeats Summit/Betting on Sports event, Duffy added: “Problem gambling is one of the most serious issues facing the gambling industry at the moment so it is vital that we have open conversations around tackling the issue. As an industry, we need to work together to tackle the issue of problem gambling, because by working collaboratively we will create a more robust standard of care,” he says. 

“With that in mind, it is fantastic that the Safer Gambling Forum is taking place and I’m delighted to be a part of it. There are many elements to problem gambling and the forum will allow industry leaders to engage in sessions that cover various issues such as; understanding player finances, identifying and interacting with problem gamblers, marketing’s role in prevention and education, corporate social responsibility and loss limits and stake reduction.

“The forum will offer industry leaders the opportunity to discuss some of the most important issues we currently face. I want to come away with a better understanding of the safer gambling measures that other companies are implementing, in case we can strengthen and further our own approach to operating responsibly. 

“In addition, I want to share my own experience of how Genting UK are tackling the issue of irresponsible gambling so that we can help other companies develop more robust strategies themselves.”

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