Maverick Gaming carried out actions under the terms of a new partnership with 30 charities via their 19 Washington area properties this week, as it strived to feed holiday meals to more than 4,000 families and 16,000 people.

The regional casino owner and operator stresses that it’s team worked “non stop” to ensure that the holiday season for the 4,000 families is just a little brighter by providing a full meal to those in need.

Eric Persson, the owner of Maverick Gaming: explained: “The truth is that the communities we serve support us all year, providing these meals to the people in our communities who need them the most is the least we can do.

“By partnering with local charities and community beacons we are able to help make a direct impact and help those who need it most. We’d like to thank all of the community sources who helped us identify those who need help the most, such as the Boys and Girls Club of Burien, the many elementary schools who helped us, Gold Creek Church, Kennewick Lions Club, Catholic Community Services, YMCA Mukileteo and many others. Without their assistance our Maverick family couldn’t have provided this service.”

The holiday meals were handed out between three and seven pm yesterday (Monday 23 December) at each Maverick property, with each local partner being within five miles of each Maverick property.

“I’m so proud of our team making a difference in our community and as important helping some families have just a little brighter holiday,” added Tim Merrill, president of Maverick Washington.

Maverick Gaming recently saw in excess of 1,700 industry workers choose Teamsters Local 117, with the union now representing members from across 19 card houses throughout Washington State.

The Seattle-based local union was authorized as the workers’ exclusive bargaining representative through a card check process conducted by an independent arbitrator.