Bragg Gaming Group’s B2B gaming solutions provider Oryx Gaming has debuted a new data analytics platform that forms the foundation of the yet-to-launch Oryx player engagement platform.

The data analytics platform can be used as a module integrated into third-party player account management systems or as an addition to the Oryx igaming platform.  

The platform allows real-time collection and analysis of data from internal as well as third-party systems, enabling operators to gain a better understanding of its customers and effectively segment, target and engage them by triggering activities based on behaviour and preferences.   

Real-time data is collected and processed from the Oryx igaming platform, Oryx hub, and the Oryx sportsbook as well as from third-party transactional systems, management systems, content providers, service providers, products and websites. 

The platform comes with an analytical sandbox tool, which enables operators to deep dive into the data and develop advanced player segmentation, loyalty schemes and recommendations, all driven by machine learning algorithms. 

The Oryx player engagement platform, which the firm is set to launch, intends to offer a number of features, such as targeted promotions, multi-channel campaign management, as well as real-time event management, a system for direct player engagement. 

Matevz Mazij, managing director of Oryx Gaming, commented: “Having a scalable data analytics platform which governs highly granular data is the cornerstone for an enhanced gameplay experience. 

“The Oryx data analytics platform takes gaming operations to the next level as it enables a deep understanding of players and allows operators to engage them in real-time and maximise the player value.”