Greentube has an impressive track record of developing successful slot games that stand the test of time, including its internationally renowned titles Lucky Lady’s Charm, Sizzling Hot and “the iconic” Book of Ra series. 

The supplier has had a busy 12 months, partnering with a number of top operators across several regulated markets and launching the first two games in its linked jackpot series. 

Michael Bauer, CFO/CGO at Greentube, spoke to CasinoBeats about the making of its new Book of Ra titles and how linked jackpots can help attract new audiences and boost player engagement. 

CasinoBeats: How do you ensure that each new title in the successful Book of Ra series delivers an exciting and unique experience whilst maintaining the familiarity of the original that players know and love?

Michael Bauer: Book of Ra is one of the most iconic brands in the gaming world. In order to further strengthen this brand, we have decided to create sequels that all share the Book of Ra DNA. Therefore, it is more of an evolution than a revolution.

We often work with already popular graphics and sound elements, combined with new powerful mechanics (such as in Book of Ra deluxe 10); or we further develop the existing mechanics, enhancing them with additional features.

There have been countless attempts to replicate the success of Book of Ra from other game studios in the industry, hence it is crucial to us that both the brand and quality of each new product remain at the highest standard, and that the player immediately recognises the game as part of the iconic and original Book of Ra family.

CB: Are slot series effective in increasing supplier brand visibility with players? How important is it that players recognise they are playing a Greentube game?

MB: Any game has the potential to perform in the short term. But in order to ensure the longevity of a title and for it to truly become successful, the players have to trust the game. This is something that all slot providers grapple with, and very few have succeeded in creating a game that stands the test of time. Greentube has a consistently high standard of game design, and the players know they can trust the brand. Therefore, it is important that the player understands when they are playing a Greentube game.

CB: Greentube has recently released the second edition in its Diamond Link series. How do linked or connected titles in a portfolio boost player engagement and retention?

MB: Linked jackpots have been around for a long time in land-based casinos and are highly popular as by linking different games to a single jackpot, more players are contributing to the prize pot. Therefore, the jackpot can reach attractive levels much faster which further increases player engagement as there are more opportunities to claim the big win. With our Diamond Link series, we are replicating this to our online slots to enhance and elevate the excitement for our players.

We have now launched two titles, Diamond Link: Mighty Elephant and Diamond Link: Oasis Riches, and we have already seen a great interest in the games which we predict will only continue to grow once we add more titles to the list. These types of games are a great tool to engage more recreational players who usually bet a low amount in hope for a big win, similar to playing the lottery.   

CB: What benefits do slot series and linked titles offer operators?

MB: Our big flagship brands like Book of Ra Lucky Lady’s Charm and Sizzling Hot bring a lot of marketing value to operators. Players already know these games, and it is therefore much easier for a brand to sign up new customers when they have familiar titles available on their site. Our various slot series build upon these well-known brands and enable the operators to further broaden their player base. Additionally, they keep your regular player base engaged and offer something new to avid fans of these classic titles.

With our new linked titles, we offer operators another exciting concept to attract new player groups. This is especially relevant in the UK, where there is a trend to move away from the high-roller market to more of a mass-market audience. As mentioned, these more recreational players respond well to multi-level linked jackpots that pay more frequently than the traditional jackpot mechanics.

These multi-level jackpot and bonusing mechanics have proven very popular in land-based slot machines around the world due to the increased level of player engagement through pick-and-win and hold and spin type features. We have so far succeeded in catering to this player base with the games in our Diamond Link series, and we have two more exciting releases planned for this year – so watch this space.