With daily routines now a thing of the past and the lives, and work habits, of many taking a dramatic shift, CasinoBeats is taking a few minutes out to enjoy a few of the brighter, quirky and touching moments that social media has served up in the last week.

So if you like a good lucky story, fancy a giggle or two or simply need any kind of sporting fix to get over the wave of cancellations, we hope the below satisfies those cravings.

The Empire Strikes Back

Earlier this week The Pentagon released three short videos showing what were described as “unidentified aerial phenomena” which appear to show unidentified flying objects. However, Star Wars actor Mark Hamill offered his own perspective.

Editing goals

Creativity is coming in many forms with working-from-home firmly established as the new norm for many. One by-product of such a scenario are those essential, necessity calls across a multitude of platforms, but have your editing skills matched those in the following clip as yet?

Filed that under ‘oldie but goodie’

Here are a trio of clips that flashed back before CasinoBeats this week, from a crucial marathon concluding dilemma, powerful paws and football skills.


The world has shown itself to be full of superheroes in recent times, but sometimes, as the old adage says, a picture is worth a 1,000 words – and that is especially true in what follows.

Sporting section

In what is becoming a recurring theme week-after-week, we aim to appease those many individuals craving some sporting action. Football is the theme in the following trifecta, from a variety of clips you may have never seen to a plethora of wonder strikes from defenders.