The confidence that players now have in getting transparent outcomes from random number generation content has helped the concept to assume an increasingly important role for the igaming industry’s operators.

One such company whose RNG mechanics are delivering a “100% fair and transparent” to players through its B2B partners is live games supplier TVBET, who believes a subtle approach to random outcomes is the key to success when it comes to engaging your audience.

“We strive to incorporate RNG into all of our games and are confidently moving towards achieving this,” explained TVBET CEO Peter Korpusenko. “After all, this is what will ensure the fairness and transparency of the results of the game, which is extremely important for the players.”

So, how has TVBET ensured both fairness and transparency for its games? When it comes to building confidence among its players, the supplier explained that it has transferred two more of its games onto the platform which supports RNG mechanics. 

In addition, these two games – War of Elements and JokerBet – have also acquired Gaming Laboratories International certified shufflers, which guarantees that they have passed the RNG mechanics examination. 

War of Elements takes place around the clock between a player and the dealer. Praised by the supplier for its simple rules, once the player and dealer are each given a card, the player must then predict which card is highest before both cards are compared. The game offers betting options on the result, colour, suit, and the exact value of the next card. 

Meanwhile JokerBet uses a regular deck of 52 cards plus two jokers. At regular intervals during the game, players are offered the chance to predict the next card to be drawn from the deck. Similar to War of Elements, the game offers a range of options for betting, including the exact value of the next card, suit, colour of the card, number or picture.

With the addition of GLI certified shufflers, the live games provider believes that this should have a positive impact on player confidence in the results of the provider’s live games.

Korpusenko continued: “We aim to make an interesting, and first of all, certified and honest product. Therefore, we are making every effort in this direction. This is an important step and part of our mission to make the game comfortable and the results of it undoubtful. Everything is done to please the end consumer.”

These two new GLI certified games bring the total number of live games from TVBET which carry the test-lab’s mark of approval to eight, with War of Elements and JokerBet joining 1Bet, 5Bet, 7Bet, Lucky6, WheelBet and FruitRace.

TVBET added that it has huge plans in the pipeline for this year as it aims to implement equipment that supports true RNG mechanics for all 12 live games in its portfolio.