SBC Leaders: The continually shifting landscape of the online market

“In recent months many jurisdictions including the UK, Sweden and Germany have introduced proposals for further regulatory changes on online gambling – temporary or permanent,” noted Ondrej Lapides, CEO of Tom Horn Gaming, who asserts that operators and providers must adjust to the changing regulatory climate if they want to survive. 

Coming as part of an exclusive interview in the second edition of SBC Leaders for 2021, Lapides shared his opinion, along with James Marshall, CEO of Push Gaming, on the continually shifting landscape of the online gaming market. 

Along with Lapides and Marshall, other leaders within the industry, including Microgame’s CEO Marco Castaldo, reflect on the journey through COVID-19 for the Italian betting industry, and the huge opportunities presented for online growth.

His missive also warns us that alongside that there is a worrying nostalgic tendency among politicians in the country about a “see-no-evil” past where gambling is hidden away, out of sight and, unfortunately, out of control.

Sticking with the Italian market, we give a breakdown of the country’s advertising regulations, discussing how betting companies have been forced to undertake fresh, creative strategies to marketing since the blanket ban came in prohibiting all sports clubs and leagues from promoting gambling-related brands.

Scot McClintic, SVP igaming product and strategy at Paysafe, is another to pick up on pandemic-induced changes as he looks at its impact on the US sports betting industry.

Meanwhile, as we pass one year of lockdowns around the world, Scott Morgan, founder and CEO of Crypto Integrity Tao, believes that the pandemic has forced global economies to open their eyes to the potential of cryptocurrencies.

Rounding off this edition of SBC Leaders is a round-up of the latest developments on the new National Lottery and the launch of an exciting new SBC Leaders podcast series.

The new issue of SBC Leaders is available to download or read online HERE.