Gambling blocking software provider Gamban has rolled-out the latest expansion of its services, after the group unveiled a collaboration with operator Pinnacle.

As part of its ongoing commitment to player welfare, the partnership will allow Pinnacle to provide free-of-charge protection to customers looking to self-exclude from gambling at its own site, with Gamban also blocking access to thousands of other gambling sites and apps through its regularly updating database.

“Responsible gambling and player welfare are industry-wide issues, so we’re pleased to work with Gamban to offer our customers a blanket self-exclusion tool which covers all gambling sites, not just our own,” explained Veronique Dos Reis, head of legal and compliance at Pinnacle.

“It’s important that those at risk have access to the simplest tools in order to protect themselves effectively. Gamban delivers exactly that, and we’re very confident this free facility will be a significant addition to our responsible gaming arsenal.” 

Once the player signs up to the Gamban service, the software is designed to be as difficult to remove as the various devices allow, which it hopes provides the right balance between protection and intrusion.

“Pinnacle’s displaying great commitment to its customers by offering this valuable support. This further highlights how layering self-exclusion with blocking software is becoming ever more important,” commented Jack Symons, co-founder of Gamban.

“In a world where the lure of immediate gratification through digital activity is increasingly tempting, we want to help people regain control and balance – and by using Gamban, they can do that.” 

James Forman, business intelligence officer at Gamban, added: “We’re excited to be working with Pinnacle to assist people who may be looking to take a break from gambling altogether.

“Our goal is to make self-exclusion as simple, straightforward and effective for the player as possible, and this partnership drives us closer to achieving that goal.”