Jesper Kärrbrink, Green Jade Games: continuing to offer the unexpected

The ability to offer the unexpected is a trait often desired by so many yet achieved by so few, however, it is with this mantra that Green Jade Games tackles the igaming landscape.

In prior discussions with CasinoBeats, GJG has spoken about a passion of delivering “the type of games that a greater number of players wish to play than [are] found in the current mix”.

And so it was on this path that CasinoBeats began a recent conversation with Jesper Kärrbrink, the company’s chairman, by looking back at a past interview with Benedict Mcdonagh, CEO and co-founder of Green Jade Games.

Delivering a quote at the time that read “It’s too cliché to say that they can expect the unexpected but really, that’s what we do. We build games that some operators haven’t necessarily anticipated are what they need to offer,” Kärrbrink was quizzed on if this still holds true, and to what extent, approaching two years later.

“It holds, definitely, but I would say to 50 per cent today,” he explains. “So, at that point we were quite stubborn on just doing arcade skill games, and that is basically games that you haven’t seen in many casinos, and it’s not fictional skill, it’s pure skill as we are mixing a kind of PC game or app game with the RNG engine. So, you have to be able to play the game at the same time as you can win on pure luck.

“But since then we also decided to develop slots, because there’s a huge demand for slots and for us that is a way for us to get into the casinos and to keep the relationship with the casinos, and we also like to play slots, so it came natural. 

“To be able to survive long-term, we need to do slots, so we have done a very classic style of slots, but our DNA is to do skill based games.

“And one of our slots series we call knockout slots, and we have embedded skill into those slots because with your own ability you can change non-winning lines into winning lines, and in that sense you can use skill to play the slots. And now we are soon to release our first slot where the bonus round is a pure skill round, so now we are combining them.”

In the video, Kärrbrink also moves on to tackle the idea of providing games that players desire but are lacking from the current makeup of igaming, the incline in the development of skill based games, if the future will see the development of more and more products that immerse players into the game, and what this all means for the future of slots.