Greentube reports ‘industry-leading’ KPIs performance metrics

Novomatic’s interactive division, Greentube, has reported Greentube Pro 2.0 has delivered “industry-leading” KPIs. 

Novomatic’s interactive division, Greentube, has reported that its social casino platform Greentube Pro 2.0 has delivered “industry-leading” KPIs less than a year after its introduction. 

Performance metrics including average revenue per daily active user, conversion and retention have outperformed the top-rated B2C social casino leader in the US market. GTP 2.0 has stabilised its KPIs with ARPDAU 95 per cent higher than the industry leader, in addition to 35 per cent higher conversion and 30 per cent higher retention on day 30.

Greentube noted that the increased level of performance was achieved by redesigning the user interface for mobile, tablet and web while optimising the game economy to work with its Liveops team to monetise, engage and retain users.

Miruna Bicoli, VP of product and managed services for GTP 2.0, said: “Our talented team of specialists from the social casino industry have driven the design, architecture and development of Greentube’s new social casino platform.

“We always believed that in leveraging our team’s experience and expertise, we would bring the best B2B social casino platform that the industry has to offer to land-based casino clients. The excellent results we have seen less than a year into the project prove that this confidence was not misplaced.”

The boosted version of Greentube’s social platform was completely rebuilt, optimised and fine-tuned from the “ground up” and features modular design and architecture to give it the ability to “scale rapidly to accommodate new business”, while providing the flexibility for front-end customisation and back-office stability.

Developed by the supplier’s subsidiary Bluebat Games, GTP 2.0 is a marketing solution that enables global land-based casinos to stay connected with players by engaging them with the casino brand through online social casino gaming.