SGA begins campaign to increase knowledge of licensed industry

Image: Shutterstock

The Swedish gaming authority is to launch a nationwide campaign based around a theme that games need rules, which is tasked with urging players to choose a gaming company that has a licence to conduct operations within the country.

The goal of the promotion is to inform individuals that there is a choice to be made between licensed and unlicensed companies, which it is hoped will increase the public’s knowledge of the benefits of opting for the former.

“Gambling for money can be risky, but by choosing a gaming company with a Swedish license, you make your gambling safer,” notes the Swedish gaming regulator.

The campaign contains films with messages that intend to make the recipients both understand and feel that it can be problematic to choose to conduct play with unlicensed entities.

Consisting of three short films that will be shown across social media, each aims to portray the importance of the licensed industry and the need for those companies to follow the rules, contrasted with situations such as board game play when cheating “may not be so dangerous”

The three short films link to a longer information film on the spelinspektionen’s official website, which is to contain more information about the benefits of choosing a gaming company that has a Swedish license when playing for money.

“The purpose is to inform the public that there is a choice to make, between gaming companies that have a Swedish license and gaming companies that do not,” commented Yvonne Hejdenberg, communications manager at the Spelinspektionen.

“The goal is for the public to gain increased knowledge about the benefits of choosing a gaming company with a Swedish license.”

Last month, the Swedish government proposed further regulatory reforms for the country’s online gambling market which are slated to enter force in 2023.

Ardalan Shekarabi, minister of social insurance, outlined this latest wave of proposals, which have been done with an ambition of ensuring strong consumer protection and a long-term sustainable gaming market in Sweden.

Among other things, the motions intend to put an end to “aggressive gambling advertising on the most dangerous games,” as well as exclude illegal players from the region’s digital marketplace.