Andrzej Hyla, CCO at igaming solutions provider Wazdan, speaks about how the recent launch of its trademarked Collect to Infinity and Cash Infinity mechanics has supercharged its slot portfolio to deliver engagement value to the products in which they appear. 

“Wazdan’s philosophy of supporting partner growth through a commitment to innovation and finding new ways to expand our player engagement suite has continued to pay dividends in recent months,” according to Wazdan COO Andrzej Hyla.

Talking about the launch of the firm’s Collect to Infinity and Cash Infinity mechanics, he said: “We see ourselves as facilitators of growth, with innovation as our driving force. We fulfil this status by providing our partners and players with best-in-class slot products and a constantly enhanced selection of cutting-edge personalisation tools.

“Each of our pioneering solutions is well received by players and known to increase their engagement and deliver proven results to operators. It’s no different with our new Collect to Infinity and Cash Infinity mechanics. In fact, thanks to the innovative Collect to Infinity feature, our recently released Magic Spins slot has already outperformed the previously best-performing games.”       

Focusing first on Collect to Infinity, Hyla explained: “The new Collect to Infinity feature is another one of Wazdan’s added-value solutions that promise to please even the most demanding players and enhance their experience through high immersion levels. At its core, the innovative mechanism is intended to offer players increased engagement, and it’s an excellent retention-boosting tool that amplifies casinos’ results.” 

So far, Wazdan has released two games with the Collect to Infinity feature, Magic Spins and Sizzling Eggs, in which players can get a taste of the experience that the mechanism offers.

Turning to Cash Infinity, the COO continued: “Our brand-new Cash Infinity mechanic, introduced in our latest release 9 Coins, is a totally game-changing solution that increases the chances of activating the bonus round. This easy-to-understand feature guarantees next-level engagement and allows operators to generate better results.”

“We see ourselves as facilitators of growth, with innovation as our driving force”

According to Hyla, the patented features are offered as part of the hold the jackpot or free spins bonus rounds. He said: “Casino operators can supercharge their grids with our recently launched top-performing titles, Magic Spins, Sizzling Eggs, or 9 Coins, by allowing players to enjoy the truly game-changing experience that the mechanics offer 

“Enchanting players with a stunning design and the innovative features that our titles are notorious for, Magic Spins goes above and beyond to deliver a truly magical experience. The innovative Collect to Infinity feature appears in the Hold the Jackpot bonus and has the ability to deliver spell-binding outcomes that players want to return to, time and time again.”

He added: “Sizzling Eggs takes players to a mythical realm filled with flaming-hot phoenix eggs. The remarkable Collect to Infinity feature is available in the free spins round, giving players the ability to trigger seemingly endless combinations and outcomes, and demonstrating its engagement and entertainment value.     

“Our latest release, 9 Coins, stuns players with the innovative Cash Infinity symbols. They may land in the base game, making it truly riveting, and stick to the reels until triggering the Hold the Jackpot bonus game.

“Our upcoming hit, Sizzling Kingdom: Bison, will offer three exciting bonus rounds. Two of them, the hold the jackpot bonus game and free spins round, will allow players to enjoy the Collect to Infinity capabilities. We can’t wait to see if the third feature, the brand-new Wild Rampage bonus game with the Hold & Collect mechanism, will become as popular as the player-favourite Collect to Infinity and Cash Infinity features.”

Commenting on Wazdan’s commitment to its partners’ performance, Hyla stated: “Casino operators can benefit from providing their players with products that incorporate our innovative solutions, proven to increase players’ engagement and drive revenue growth for partners.     

“We are on a mission to provide our partners and players with the most advanced features on the market in a bid to deliver tangible value to both parties. Never one to sit back to reap the rewards of our hard work, we are always on the lookout for the next innovation that can help us stand out from the crowd. 

“By consistently enhancing our offering and adding new engagement-boosting solutions, we stay true to our promise of supporting growth through a commitment to innovation, and we are starting to receive widespread recognition of this.”