Igaming technology firm Fast Track has been named as one of the certified companies by workplace culture authority Great Place to Work for 2022/23.

A score of 93 per cent on the Trust Index formulated from the company’s employee survey results helped gain its ranking as a “world-class place to work”. The score puts the SaaS technology company 20 points above the standard mark for Great Place to Work companies. 

Chief People Officer Jenny Arnell said: “Our objective is to be a world-class employer and attract and retain the best people. To maintain this status we focus on listening to our employees’ needs and aim to provide an inclusive, engaging, and supportive environment. 

“By working with our teams in a spirit of genuine respect for their well-being, we allow them to explore their potential and give their best in their roles, which benefits us as a company, our client partners, and our colleagues.”

Linda Lofman, senior consultant at Great Place to Work, Sweden, added: “Great Place to Work Certification isn’t something that comes easily – it takes ongoing dedication to the employee experience. 

“It’s the only official recognition determined by employees’ real-time reports of their company culture. Earning this designation means that Fast Track is one of the certified companies to work for in Europe and more than that, the 93 per cent overall Trust Index score is a very impressive result seen for any tech company submitting for the first time. Their whole team should be very proud.”

Employees surveyed by Great Place to Work rated the company’s management team particularly highly, with 100 per cent of those interviewed praising the culture of competence and honesty by senior leaders. 

Simon Lidzén, Fast Track CEO, stated: “I am humbled by the responses from our team and proud of what we’ve built at Fast Track. We’re more than a company, and we’re capable of great things as we work together with the level of trust and engagement that are reflected in these results.

“I know that where others see challenges, we see opportunities, and it’s this attitude that is helping us to grow at an incredible rate, while still delivering world-class service and products.

“We will continue to self reflect, and push forward in pursuit of a better way, and because of that I am sure we will maintain our status as a world-class employer and have a work environment that attracts the very best as we grow.”