Eleven arrested following raid on Amsterdam illegal gambling premises 


Eleven individuals have been arrested after being caught in the act of participating in an illegal poker game following a raid in the Dutch city of Amsterdam.

In addition to playing cards and other poker supplies, the joint police and Kansspelautoriteit investigation also uncovered two blocks of hashish and two firearms.

Several electronic data carriers were also seized for the purpose of the investigation, which includes telephones, hard drives and carriers of video and camera images.

The Dutch gambling authority noted that the criminal investigation department is conducting further investigations into those present to ensure that they can be tried appropriately at a later stage.

“Illegal gambling involves unfair competition with companies that do have a licence and must comply with all kinds of rules, for example to prevent gambling addiction among customers,” the Ksa said.

“The presence of this kind of illegal gambling activities and narcotics on a business park constitutes an infringement of public order. In addition, places where illegal gambling takes place are a breeding ground for crime and these places offer the opportunity to launder criminal money. There is a chance that this will attract people who are not afraid to use violence.”

Furthermore, the regulator also issued a reminder that a ban on untargeted advertising for online games of chance will come into effect on July 1, which is designed to heighten protections for vulnerable groups.

Advertising on TV and radio, as well as in newspapers and magazines, is prohibited, with similar placements in public space, such as billboards, bus shelters and buildings accessible to the public, including gaming casinos, slot machine arcades, cinemas and cafes, also outlawed.

Such communications via the internet, direct mailing, on-demand TV, social media or in the online gaming environment remains permitted under certain conditions. This includes taking stringent measures to ensure that vulnerable groups are not targeted.

Sponsorships will also fall under the remit of the new rules, however, a transitional period will enter into effect. 

For TV programs and events this will end on July 1, 2024, with those who hold agreements alongside athletes, clubs and competitions and shirts and similar material permitted to remain in place for one further year.