Marinos Shiapanis, Co-Founder and CEO of Campeόn Gaming, reflected on his leadership strategy at the company, as well as the new opportunities for innovation within the igaming space in the latest edition of SBC Leaders.

Shiapanis started his career in the world of marketing, before making the move to igaming where he had grand plans to run his own company. This, he told SBC Leaders, is where the idea for Campeόn Gaming came to life.

As Co-Founder and CEO, Shiapanis explained that one of his guiding principles of leadership is the people of Campeόn Gaming, with a strong focus on “leading by example” when it comes to company strategy, team management and adaptability.

He began: “The most challenging part of leadership is to integrate adaptability into my day-to-day business, since the landscape is constantly evolving, and now, more than ever, it is time to navigate through various challenges and opportunities. 

“I choose to have a strong leadership presence and a keen focus on the company’s vision and goals. The role requires constant monitoring of the industry trends and regulatory changes, and the ability to make well-informed decisions to ensure the company’s success in a highly competitive market. 

“From the very first day, I decided that leading by example is a crucial leadership approach, to demonstrate first-hand our values and behaviours.”

Adaptability has not only been a key factor in Shiapanis’ leadership style, but has also played an integral role in Campeόn Gaming’s growth within the wider igaming industry. 

For the CEO, adaptability and flexibility are necessary to stay ahead of the curve on any trends and challenges – particularly when it comes to an ever-evolving regulatory landscape.

“At Campeón Gaming, we prioritise innovation in everything we do”

Shiapanis continued: “Mastering regulatory challenges is crucial, as regulations vary significantly between markets and regions. By being proactive in understanding and complying with these regulations, Campeόn Gaming ensures a smooth and legally compliant operation in various jurisdictions. 

“We acquire a well-developed regulatory intake, integration, and reporting process to navigate through the regulatory landscape. This approach not only safeguards meeting legal requirements, but also showcases our commitment to ensuring protection, fair gaming practices, and responsible gambling measures.”

By carrying out continuous research on the latest igaming trends, Shiapanis noted that Campeόn Gaming has been able to identify new opportunities for innovation.

From a technological perspective, flexibility also means that its team can continue to meet customer demands by integrating features such as a mobile-friendly design, intuitive navigation as well as continuous data analysis and reporting which is key to creating a stand-out user experience for partners.

Under Shiapanis’ leadership, the Campeόn Gaming team has grown from a team of just five people to a workforce which has more than 100 team members, 30 unique brands and three office locations.

So what’s the secret behind this growth? In short, it comes down to the company’s “way of thinking”. By fostering a work environment that strives to prioritise innovation and inclusion, he believes that Campeón Gaming “wouldn’t be where it is today”.

He said: “At Campeón Gaming, we prioritise innovation in everything we do, from product development to customer experience. This has allowed us to stand out in this competitive market, offer unique solutions and continuously adapt to the ever-changing industry trends. 

“Our out-of-the-box thinking, turning innovation into action … gives us unlimited possibilities “

“Our notable example is our igaming solutions platform Nexto Gaming, a platform that integrates the actual operators’ and market’s needs, and provides the ultimate igaming technology stack, creating the most engaging gaming experience.

“Our out-of-the-box thinking, turning innovation into action, with adaptability and flexibility to the market needs, gives us unlimited possibilities and helps us unlock new business opportunities, enhancing our presence in the industry.”

New frontiers

For 2023, Campeón Gaming has identified opportunities for expansion in both Scandinavia and Estonia, with both markets considered to be regulatory mature with a tech-savvy population.

Despite the high level of competition in these regions, the increasing demand for online gambling makes this region a “lucrative market with a strong potential customer base”.

Shiapanis continued: “Estonia, even though it is a smaller market with a limited target audience, has met significant growth in the last few years, giving space for new business opportunities and strategic expansion for new and existing operators. Estonia also has a digitally advanced population, which stands as an opportunity for all igaming companies. 

“Scandinavian markets, especially Denmark and Sweden, are the markets to be in, in order for operators to expand their international footprint, as they hold high internet penetration rates and tech-savvy populations, making them prime targets for online gaming platforms.”

Making strides

Talk soon turned towards his vision to invest in new and innovative technologies which he is confident will help Campeón Gaming to gain a competitive edge. One such example will be focusing on its in-house payment solutions. 

Shiapanis concluded: “By leveraging Campeόn Gaming’s strengths and expertise, further expansion into new markets becomes a viable path for overall business growth. Entering new markets allows us to tap into different customer segments, diversify revenue streams, and mitigate risks associated with over-reliance on specific regions. 

“This year, Campeόn Gaming has prioritised our people’s growth, resulting in a nearly two-fold increase, now standing at 128 people. In 2023, we have invested in our proprietary buildings establishing a technological hub in multiple locations, demonstrating our commitment to expanding our operational capabilities and staying at the forefront of technology in the igaming industry.”