Ahead of the CasinoBeats Summit in Malta, we spoke to Katerina Bozhkova, Head B2B Marketing at Blackcatcard as she provided insight into the importance of the event and the growing gaming opportunity for the coming years.

CasinoBeats: What elements of Casino Beats work so well for your organisation, and why is it important for you to be there this year?

Katerina Bozhkova: The Casino Beats Summit has consistently been a pivotal platform for fostering innovation and networking within the betting and gaming industry. For Blackcatcard, being an innovative, vibrant European fintech brand, the elements of Casino Beats that resonate most strongly are the invaluable networking opportunities and the insight into emerging industry trends. It’s vital for us to be present this year to ensure we remain at the forefront of industry developments and continue to expand our professional network.

CB: What’s your key objective at this year’s event and what are the main products/services you’ll be promoting?

KB: This year we are proud to share that we successfully completed a couple of integrations where our solutions have helped industry players significantly improve their performance. This includes using our own A2A payment solution Blackcatcard Pay, that works in both  fiat and crypto, is remarkably cheaper than card acquiring, minimizes cashbacks up to 90%, as well as benefiting from our marketing support, integrated partner crypto settlement* and iGaming-friendly online banking for customers. 

CB: What would you highlight as the biggest opportunity in the betting and gaming industry over the next couple of years?

KB: From what we can observe, the continued growth of mobile and online gambling. With advancements in technology, more players are turning to online platforms for their gambling needs, whether it be sports betting or casino games. This shift towards digital gambling presents numerous opportunities for companies in the industry as well as their “neighbours” like fintech brands. Firstly, there will be an increased demand for online gambling platforms, leading to potential market expansion for existing companies and opportunities for new entrants. This also means that there will be a greater need for technology, software development and payment solutions with additional value for business. 

CB: What core challenges do you help solve for your customers/partners?

KB: Blackcatcard is an iGaming friendly fintech brand which offers several significant advantages to its partners and their customers from this sector compared to its competitors. For example, iGamers can experience exclusivity with Blackcatcard and dive into the world of iGaming with special cards offering superior cashback for gambling. These cards will guarantee its owners maximised cashback on deposits (15% or more), win multiplicator for withdrawals and much more what Blackcatcard is about.

We are currently finalising this product development, so it is coming soon. While many other providers try to conceal such offers Blackcatcard displays them thanks to Papaya’s, their issuing body, vast experience in working with such complex markets. This comes from Maltese regulation of Papaya, Blackcatcard’s issuer. Malta prides itself on having created transparent and fair conditions for regulating various types of enterprises, including the Igaming sector. Blackcatcard also offers marketing solutions as well as a wide range of other benefits to all iGaming customers tailored to their needs.

Blackcatcard is issued by Papaya, Ltd. Papaya, Ltd. is licensed by the Malta Financial Services Authority as an Electronic Money Institution (EMI). Registration number C55146. You can get more information about terms and conditions on the website blackcatcard.com An integrated custodial crypto wallet and the crypto exchange are provided by the partner Manerio UAB. Find more information at maner.io.