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The Massachusetts Gaming Commission (MGC) has elevated the action it is taking to combat human trafficking.

As well as confirming its support for a study into casino-related crime in Massachusetts, the body has also laid out its plan to provide grants to support law enforcement in preventing instances of human trafficking in regions that house casinos across the state. 

“These initiatives underscore the MGC’s unwavering dedication to prioritising the safety and wellbeing of individuals within our communities by prosecuting human trafficking and protecting vulnerable populations,” said Interim MGC Chair Jordan Maynard

“These grants represent a significant investment in our collective efforts to combat human trafficking by providing agencies with the necessary information and resources.”

The MGC is awarding grants through the Community Mitigation Fund allowing law enforcement agencies statewide to expand their teams. The expansion will allow the agencies to take on a higher volume of cases while being provided with more resources.The MGC is allocating the grants to the Attorney General’s Office and the Suffolk County District Attorney’s Office.

The commission is also distributing $160,000 to the Safe Exit Initiative, which will conduct the study of casino-related crime in the state.