BGaming’s Co-Chief Product Officer, Julia Aliakseyeva, fresh from an award-winning appearance at the recent CasinoBeats Summit, shares some insights into the company and its B-Rush Challenges solution. 

First, congratulations to Julia on winning the Product Manager of the Year Award at the CasinoBeats Game Developer Awards. Tell us about the hard work that went into that achievement and what it felt like to receive the plaudits.

Thank you for the award. Winning the Product Manager of the Year at the CasinoBeats Game Developer Awards is such an honour. But it’s not just about me — it’s about our whole BGaming team. 

We’ve been working hard, putting out 36 new games and over 100 customised ones for our partners in 2023 alone. BGaming’s product division is really taking off, with titles covering all sorts of themes and mechanics. Starting 2024 with the release of the online slot Aztec Clusters, created in partnership with Casinolytics AI platform, was a big highlight. 

We’ve had a great year so far, with exciting games in the pipeline. I’m sure there’s even more success waiting for us in the future at BGaming!

Turning our attention to your B-Rush Challenges solution, can you summarise for our readers exactly what it sets out to achieve and what are the main features that they can expect from it?

B-Rush Challenges is an excellent tool designed to get more players excited and active, without needing any extra investment or complicated setup. It’s easy for casinos to integrate, and players can jump right in without any trouble.

This tool is all about bringing in new players, keeping them engaged, and making sure they stick around. It helps casinos promote their branded games and prevent any misuse of bonuses, all without the casino having to lift a finger. BGaming takes care of everything, from setting up the challenges and managing processes to handing out prizes.

What makes B-Rush Challenges different from anything else in the marketplace and what benefits does it bring?

B-Rush Challenges stands out as a truly unique marketing tool from BGaming, designed to engage and retain players. There’s nothing quite like it out there in the market. It’s versatile, supporting nearly all BGaming games and compatible with any casino platform. This means we can run a single challenge across multiple games and casinos at the same time, making it super convenient.

But B-Rush Challenges isn’t just for casinos. It’s also a valuable tool for gambling streamers. It helps them grow their audience, keep them engaged, and create exciting content. By linking directly to their community, it makes streams livelier and more interactive. It keeps viewers hooked and eager to come back for more, strengthening the bond between streamers and their audience.

A key part of the solution is the role played by streamers who share unique codes with viewers during their streams to bring in players. Talk us through the rationale behind that and how the process actually works.

The concept is simple yet effective: streamers dish out exclusive codes to their viewers, inviting them to jump into the competition. Each player gets their own unique 10-character code. As the challenge goes on, a real-life leaderboard shows everyone’s progress, but it keeps things fair and private when it comes to distributing prizes by partially displaying other players’ codes.

Now, the goal for players is to get the biggest multiplier from their initial bet wins. Those who achieve the highest multipliers receive the prizes. Before the challenge kicks off, everyone involved agrees on the prize pool and the winning spots.

We’ve organised quite a few challenges already, and the outcomes are impressive. In a recent one with streamer Jukes, more than 100 players got involved. On average, each player made about seven times more bets than usual. Then, in another challenge with streamer Kyharr, over 140 players joined in, and each player made a massive 17.5 times more bets than usual. That’s a huge jump, don’t you think?

How easy is it for operators to integrate B-Rush Challenges into their offerings and is there anything they can do to help make the process faster and simpler? 

Actually, operators don’t have to worry about a thing when it comes to integrating B-Rush Challenges into their offerings. BGaming handles all the setup, so they can sit back and relax while reaping benefits.

B-Rush Challenges keep players engaged, prolonging their time in the game, and boosting casino earnings. They also help evaluate streamers’ performance, increase player engagement, drive up profits, and showcase game activity. Plus, they encourage more bets and highlight custom games. With BGaming taking care of everything on our side, operators can enjoy a trouble-free experience.