KSA penalises LCS Limited & Blue High House for repeat offences

Image: Shutterstock

Kansspelautoriteit, the Dutch Gambling Authority, has issued fines to LCS Limited and Blue High House for operating illegally in the Netherlands. 

LCS Limited was handed a penalty fee of €2.07m in October 2023 having been found to offer Dutch players illegal games of chance via its Sons of Slots online casino brand in 2022. 

However, the KSA found LCS Limited to have still been operating illegally in the Dutch market through another online casino brand, Yugibet. As a result, LCS has been handed a €165,000 penalty on top of the initial €2.07m fee. 

Around the same time in October 2023, Panama-registered operator Blue High House was imposed a cease and desist order subject to penalty for offering illegal games of chance via Concrete Line, one of its online casino websites. 

The KSA claims that these breaches have not ceased and has handed the operator a €129,000 fine while suggesting that another fine “may also be imposed”. 

René Jansen, Chairman of the KSA: “An order subject to a penalty is more than a warning to an illegal provider. Illegal providers who do not take the right measures to ban Dutch players will be dealt with harshly by the Ksa and will feel this where it affects them most, in their wallets.”

The Dutch gambling market is set to undergo several changes as the KSA announced the launch of its amended Responsible Gambling Policy earlier this month. 

The updated policy details a range of adjustments and clarifications, including the obligation for real-time monitoring, proposed financial deposit limits and advertising rule changes.