Raketech brings Baricata’s AI live casino dealer to market

Source: Shutterstock

Raketech has formed a partnership with Baricata after agreeing to bring the Japanese igaming developer’s AI live casino dealer to market. 

Described as a “groundbreaking innovation”, the AI-powered casino dealer has been introduced to reduce the live casino industry’s reliance on human availability, aiming to make it easier to stream live casino games 24/7. 

The dealer will be able to speak with players from several different nationalities, boasting an ability to “fluently communicate” in multiple languages.

Baricata’s latest innovation is equipped with advanced VIP player detection capabilities, ensuring that the AI dealer can identify VIP players to treat them “courteously”. 

The developer has also confirmed that exclusive AI dealers can be produced for specific brands on request, encouraging brand recognition. 

Conor Jenner, Director of Account Management at Raketech, stated: “We are delighted to play a part in bringing Baricata’s new AI online casino dealer to the market. The innovative technology is set to bring a new style of gaming to players and we at Raketech are excited to see how our new partnership with Baricata develops in the near future and beyond.”

AI’s position in the online casino industry was weighed up on an industry trends panel at the recent CasinoBeats Summit in Malta, emphasising the “need for human interaction” to not be disregarded.