As the Copa America and EURO 2024 have football fandom at fever pitch, Kaizen Gaming and Booming Games have tapped into through Ronaldinho Spins. 

Betano has been the host of the game, which features the Brazilian football icon and is set to kick off a series of football themed games for the supplier. 

It feeds into a theme for Betano, having also backed the key tournaments this Summer as the key sponsor of the EUROs and the Copa.

Speaking to SlotBeats, Frederik Niehusen, Chief Commercial Officer at Booming Games, revealed: “Players and operators can look forward to a diverse offering within the Ronaldinho Series, featuring various game types that are not only entertaining but also distinctly different from one another. 

“Each game in the series will showcase unique graphics and innovative gameplay mechanics, ensuring there’s something fresh and exciting for every player. We’re committed to expanding the Ronaldinho series with high-quality, engaging games that continue to celebrate Ronaldinho’s legendary career and appeal to a global audience of gaming enthusiasts.”

In terms of tapping into licence opportunities and various branding partnerships, he added: “As we look ahead, we see tremendous value in continuing to create branded content with the right partners, which we believe is very beneficial for our company’s growth. We are actively collaborating with other brands and personalities to develop and launch unique games that resonate with our audience.”

Players can now immerse themselves in this exceptional product, boasting thrilling graphics, exciting mechanics, and generous bonuses, experiencing the magic of Ronaldinho’s legacy with every spin.

Antonio Lamagna, Head of RNG at Kaizen Gaming, also spoke glowingly about the impact of the game, adding they arebeyond excited to be among the first operators to offer this fantastic product to our players’. 

He continued: “The collaboration between Booming Games and Ronaldinho Gaúcho has brought exceptional gaming experience, and we are thrilled to offer it through our platform. This partnership underscores our commitment to providing our players with top-notch entertainment and further solidifies our position as a leading operator in the industry. We can’t wait for our players to dive into Ronaldinho Spins and experience the excitement firsthand.”