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As the final week of campaigning for the UK general election gets underway, UK trade association Bacta has underlined that ‘changes proposed in the White Paper are pivotal to the sector’s long-term sustainability’.

The body also underlined that it has a plan of action for all potential outcomes of the election, hoping for efficient progress after the plans were halted by the calling of the snap-election. 

Bacta also lauded the efforts of its members to urge them to lobby their Prospective Parliamentary Candidates (PPCs) to support the land-based gambling reforms and ‘finish the job’ in the next Parliament.

Looking ahead, Bacta Executive Director George McGregor said: “I would like to start by congratulating Bacta members for contacting their PPCs and ensuring they understand why the changes proposed in the White Paper are pivotal to the long-term sustainability of the UK’s family entertainment and adult gaming centres alongside the entire supply chain.

“With the gambling review in limbo we built and launched a dedicated general election website which simplified the process to invite parliamentary candidates to venues.

“We have action plans in place for all scenarios and are poised to hit the ground running post the election with a compelling case of evidence-based arguments to support the changes that are required for the land-based industry to be competitive and to continue contributing to UK plc.”

He added: “It’s vital that Bacta members open a dialogue with their elected representatives as soon as the General Election results are known. The make-up of the House of Commons will be transformed and there’s no better time to start building relationships with the 2024 intake of MPs.”