David Fall
Image: ELA Games

David Fall, Business Development Manager at ELA Games, tells CasinoBeats about the igaming supplier’s history from being formed by arcade enthusiasts and the company’s recent growth. Fall also discusses ELA Games’ newest release, Cash Crab, delving into the technical features and theme and discussing why it is destined for success.

CasinoBeats: Can you explain the origin story of ELA Games? How was the company formed, and how did you transition into a provider of engaging games? 

David Fall: ELA Games was incorporated by a small group of hardcore gaming enthusiasts raised on classic games, arcades, and shooters. Our team is strongly motivated and passionate about game development. The ELA Games team has years of experience in game development and igaming as well as a strong commitment to the industry, providing me with the necessary support I require as I evolve in my new role as Business Development Manager.

CB: How has the studio grown over the years, and how did you scale up the business over time as you became more popular among players?

DF: I’ve been keeping tabs on ELA Games externally for a while, and I’ve noticed its tremendous growth. Now that I’m part of the team, I experience firsthand the team’s dedication as they consistently release engaging games with rich visuals and push the boundaries of the igaming industry further and further. We currently release one game per month and we have imminent plans to increase this quota to two games per month, with even more ambitious plans to come.

Our growth strategy centres on delivering creative mechanics and unique gaming experiences. For example, we’ve developed distinctive games like Bandidos Bang! an instant-win betting shooter; Cash Crab, a real claw machine with a digital interface and community interaction; and Joker Cashpot, a one-reel, one-row game where players can choose to take their winnings or continue playing.

To support this rapid release schedule and ensure the quality of our offerings, we’ve invested heavily in scalable infrastructure and top talent acquisition. Before I joined, we had expanded our reach and refined our game development process by forming strategic partnerships and leveraging robust data analytics. Currently, our focus remains on pushing the boundaries of gaming innovation and delivering exceptional experiences that captivate our audience. Expect more creative titles as we continue enhancing our players’ gaming experiences.

CB: Cash Crab is ELA Games’ newest title – can you explain the concept of this game and talk about how the idea for the game first came about? 

DF: Cash Crab was inspired by a nostalgic discovery in our office (which used to be an arcade). The team found an old claw machine during renovations, which sparked the idea of modernising this classic game. Thus, Cash Crab was born — an engaging underwater adventure with vibrant graphics and immersive sound effects. How inspiring is that? The game combines a digital interface with HD video streaming and real-time remote control, offering players a unique and interactive experience.

This game allows players to win big, but it also includes social features like leaderboards and a chatbox. Cash Crab perfectly illustrates our commitment to blending classic game concepts with modern technology to create something truly special.

CB: In which jurisdictions can we see ELA games?

DF: Our projects over the last year have received notable attention from players in Europe, especially from the countries of the European North. This year, we are continuing our expansion into new markets and jurisdictions, including new countries in Europe, such as Denmark. Expect news very shortly). Players can find the game on various operators, for example, Campobet, which is live in Sweden.

CB: What are some of Cash Crab’s key technical features, and how does the game stand out from the crowd in the casino lobby?

DF: I love Cash Crab for its unique features that enhance gameplay and player engagement. First and foremost, the game integrates HD video streaming with real-time remote player control, creating a highly interactive experience. Players can control the claw machine remotely, which adds a layer of authenticity and excitement reminiscent of the classic arcade experience.

Social features are another standout aspect. Cash Crab includes leaderboards, chat functions and emoji reactions, fostering a strong sense of community and competition among players. The ability to bet for other players adds a unique social interaction element rarely seen in typical casino games.

The potential to win big attracts a wide initial audience. However, its flexibility, with the option to bet on other players and regular tournaments, caters to various player preferences, assisting with player retention. These features collectively make Cash Crab a standout choice in casino lobbies.

CB: What early commercial success have you seen from Cash Crab so far, and what do you think the game’s potential is?

DF: I looked at Cash Crab’s growth metrics recently and saw how much the game and ELA Games have grown. In just 12 months, 45 brands have hosted the game. This widespread and ever-increasing adoption has been bolstered by strategic partnerships with 11 new platforms and operators, such as 1×2 Network, Reevo and Relax Gaming. These collaborations have significantly expanded our reach and influence, enabling Cash Crab to attract a diverse audience.

After gathering valuable feedback from our players, we can see that the game’s innovative blend of traditional claw machine mechanics and a modern digital interface has resonated well with them and led to significant growth metrics. Since January 2023, player acquisition and retention have increased by 144%, while revenue generation has surged by 200%. Additionally, the number of game rounds played has risen by 149%. These key figures highlight the game’s popularity increase and our engagement strategies’ effectiveness.

One of Cash Crab’s standout features is its social interaction capabilities, which have fostered a strong sense of community among our dedicated player base. With unique features like leaderboards, chat functionality and emoji reactions, the game registers an average of 3,500 monthly tournament participants. This level of social engagement enhances player retention while attracting new players due to the bustling community, contributing to the game’s increasing popularity and success.

CB: What plans does ELA Games have for the Cash Crab game? Will it be entering any new jurisdictions or operators shortly? 

DF: When I joined this promising and ambitious team, we discussed the company’s future, aligned ourselves and outlined plans for Cash Crab. Our primary plans are to expand into the LatAm, Greece and EU Nordic regions. These markets present exciting opportunities for us, and we’re eager to introduce Cash Crab’s unique gameplay experience to players in these areas.

We’re also developing new localised games for each region to reflect their unique histories, cultures, and traditions. For instance, in the EU Nordic region, we have a game called Vikings Wild Cash that celebrates the rich Viking heritage. We aim to create games that resonate with local cultures while maintaining the high innovative standards and engagement that ELA Games is renowned for. Expect more thrilling and culturally inspired titles as we continue to expand and push the boundaries of igaming.

CB: Does ELA Games as a studio have any big expansion plans in the future – what can readers expect from you over the next year? 

DF: Absolutely. One of the reasons why I was so excited to join ELA Games is because we have so many upcoming ambitious plans. We’re committed to significantly increasing the number of high-quality and unique games we release. Each new title will feature rich, immersive designs and innovative gameplay mechanics. Our design philosophy emphasises simplicity without compromising depth, ensuring our games are accessible and engaging from the first second of play.

Before I joined, the studio had already experienced staggering growth, starting as a small team creating games for players by players. This founding philosophy led to a colossal influx of users and rapid growth in a short period. With over 400 brands distributing our games and 16,000 active monthly players (not including the operator audience), we’re ready to take the next step forward and I’m happy to be a part of this momentum.