The Betting and Gaming Council has underlined its commitment to collaboration with the new Labour government as the sector continues to embark on a period of regulatory overhaul. 

Regulatory focus will be at the forefront of the focus for the industry as it progresses and looks to embrace wide-ranging reforms, which will further strengthen protections, with support from both the BGC and Labour.

Betting and Gaming Council Chair, Michael Dugher, commented: “On behalf of our members, the 110,000 people whose jobs rely on the regulated betting and gaming industry, and the 22.5 million people who enjoy a bet each month, we welcome Labour’s victory and its commitment to continue working with the industry. 

“On hard-pressed high streets through bookmakers, in the leisure and tourism sector through casinos and bingo halls and in tech, where our members are genuine world beaters, this is a sector ready to contribute to growth, jobs and investment in the economy. We are investing in virtually every constituency in the land and we look forward to working with all the newly elected Members of Parliament.”

The BGC also pinpointed the importance of political stability as it moves forward with regulatory frameworks for the industry.   

Dugher added: “BGC members are currently in the midst of the biggest regulatory changes in a generation following the publication of the White Paper, which Labour supported, and much of this work will carry on now the election is complete. Our members have the much needed political certainty they need to plan and invest for a sustainable future.

“This work is backed up by the industry’s own significant efforts to drive world-class standards and protections for the vulnerable, which has transformed the sector in recent years and stands in marked contrast to the dangers posed by the unsafe, unregulated black market online.

“The BGC and our members remain committed to working with Labour to implement the evidence-based, proportionate, regulatory changes outlined in the White Paper, ensuring those measures get the balance right between protecting the vulnerable, while allowing the vast majority of punters who enjoy betting responsibly to continue doing so without unnecessary intrusion.

“The BGC had long treated Labour as a government in waiting, working closely with shadow ministers in recent years, on behalf of our members and their millions of customers.

“Our work to drive up standards and champion a world leading British industry carries on and we look forward to partnering with Labour – as they have pledged – in this vitally important work.”

There were positive signs for the industry when Labour was eyeing entry into government, as it pledged to work closely with gambling stakeholders. 

At the heart of potential changes is the inclusion of a statutory levy to tackle problem gambling and gambling related harm, an Ombudsman to improve consumer redress, frictionless financial risk checks online, revised stake limits for online slots, a Sports Sponsorship Code and modest but mission critical modernisation proposals for the land-based casino sector.