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Matthew Kelemen, Omni Casino Chief Operating Officer, on how online casino operators can drive player loyalty in a fiercely competitive market.

Player loyalty is a key focus of online casino operators. We all know the cost of acquiring a player is significantly higher than retaining one, and that ensuring players are sticky and churn remains low is key to building a successful and sustainable business.

Omni Casino is one of the most established operators in the market; we have been live for two decades now, and over that time have fostered incredible loyalty among our players. We have more than 1 million registered users over the past 20 years and to this date we have active players that have been with us since 1999! But how can operators drive loyalty in an increasingly competitive market?  

A thorough and detailed strategy is required, and one that covers all bases from product to rewards and bonuses, via payment options, mobile, and customer service. Each element needs to be fine-tuned and perfected, providing players with the best possible experience when wagering on your site.

An operator’s product portfolio is one of the most powerful retention tools at its disposal, but it must strike the right balance between quality and quantity. It’s no good offering 1,000+ games if the suppliers providing them are producing low quality slots that fail to engage and entertain.

Here at Omni, we have teamed up with Playtech to offer our players a robust portfolio of around 400 unique titled slots and table games. By working with Playtech – undoubtedly the King of online casino game development – we can be sure our players are receiving the best possible experience.

That said, variety is still important, and we have found that branded games work well in this regard. By working with Playtech, we are able to meet their demands. Our players love to spin the reels on titles themed around the world’s largest entertainment brands – Britain’s Got Talent, Ace Ventura, Dirty Dancing, Superman, The Flintstones, Space Invaders and so many more.

Slots must also be complemented by table games such as blackjack, roulette and video poker; and no modern-day online casino is complete without a substantial live dealer offering. Networked jackpot games are equally important, and appeal to those excited by the prospect of life-changing prize pots. In short, it is about ensuring players don’t walk through the doors of a rival casino simply because their game offering is stronger than yours. That means operators must know their players and the games that appeal to them. For some, that means having 30+ suppliers, but for us we have found success with a single provider that knows our customer base and their wants.  

Product is clearly important, but it’s no use having the best content offering if your customer service lets you down.

Agents must be available 24 hours a day, seven days a week via email, telephone and live chat. The latter is really important, as it is the most common channel for players to communicate with operators. That said, telephone allows for the “human touch”, particularly when it comes to those with more serious issues. Customer support connects the casino brand with the player; it is an open line of communication that can generate incredible loyalty when done correctly. To achieve this, operators must strike the right tone with their players, and employ a team of agents capable of dealing with any query or complaint quickly and efficiently.  

An extension of this is responsible gambling, and what operators do to ensure their players remain happy and healthy. Online casino should always be considered a form of entertainment, and we have found that it is vital to educate players about managing their play, and the tools available to them to help with this.

At the basic level, operators must have a dedicated page where players can learn more about responsible gambling, and the signs that suggest they are developing problem play patterns. The feedback we have received from our most loyal players – some of which have been playing with us for 20 years – is that the approach taken by operators is a major factor in choosing where they wager.  

These elements – and many more – need to be brought together via a brand that is open, honest and transparent with its customers. Omni has always positioned itself as fun and friendly, while at the same time being reputable and upstanding. This approach has struck a chord with our players.

By adopting a similar stance, and through offering a great product and with gold-star customer service – online casinos can drive loyalty in a fiercely competitive market, allowing them to stand the test of time.