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The Japanese government has presented a plan to restrict the amount of casino visits nationals can make each month, the Japan Times has reported.

The limits would be applied to all Japanese people and foreign residents of Japan, according to the plan submitted today at a meeting of the ruling Liberal Democratic Party.

Specifically, casino visits will be restricted to three times in seven consecutive days and ten times in 28 consecutive days. Those subject to the regulation must observe both the weekly and monthly limits.

Those who enter casinos would be obliged to present their My Number identification cards on each visit. Foreign visitors would be exempt from the rule.

The government has also set a limit on the size of a casino at 15,000 square metres, and has said the facilities should not exceed 3% of the land space of an integrated resort.

Ruling lawmakers, however, have expressed doubts about the use of the identity cards for tracking, as their issuance rate stands at only around 10%, while some have said the area restrictions will make it difficult for operators to make a profit.

Through further deliberations with the ruling parties, the government is hoping to incorporate other rules into the bill, including admission fees for Japanese nationals and the number of locations where casinos can be built.