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The Swedish government is to publish its revamped national gambling policy tomorrow, April 5 ahead of a January relaunch of the national framework.

The long-awaited legislation passed the EU-wide business conditions/standards set by the European Commission back in March, following a review of the country’s new national gambling framework.

Lotteriinspektionen, Sweden’s regulatory body, will now move to replace its 1994 Lottery Act and 1999 Casino Act, strengthening its national gambling code with digital provisions and further consumer standards.

Securing EC approval, Lotteriinspektionen has confirmed that its digital licensing process will now open on August 1, one month later than the original target date.

On Thursday, the Swedish government will reveal all digital legislative processes/provisions for potential market incumbents, including licensing, responsible gaming standards, product requirements, consumer safety measures and operator taxes.

Seeking to open Sweden’s digital gambling market, Lotteriinspektionen has stated that it will not place any limit on the number of applications by operators foreign or domestic.

To date, the majority of listed European online gambling enterprises have stated that they will move to participate in the regulated Swedish market.

This February, Lotteriinspektionen director General Camilla Rosenberg noted the significant interest of international operators seeking to join a regulated Swedish marketplace.

In a market update, Rosenberg urged the Swedish government to increase Lotteriinspektionen’s licensing resources in order to cope with the foreign demands, and further meet the target of January, 2019, for relaunching Sweden’s national gambling framework.