Copyright: kunilanskap / 123RF Stock Photo

Gaming content from Inspired Entertainment is to be available to Novomatic’s Italian gaming platform after the two companies signed a distribution agreement.

The deal, which runs to 2022, sees Inspired supplying VLT games content to Novomatic’s platform across its Italian retail estate, running to a total of more than 30,000 terminals.

Initially, Inspired will provide two games that will be accessible from the main menu, with the potential for more titles and exclusives in the future.

In a statement, Luke Alvarez, president and CEO of Inspired, said: “Inspired is delighted to be partnering with Novomatic in this exciting and strategic deal.

“Novomatic is one of the largest gaming technology companies in the world, and the combination of our award-winning content with Novomatic’s platform will no doubt deliver a unique and compelling customer experience.

“Italy is an important market for Inspired, and it’s exciting to be offering our content to more customers in partnership with Novomatic,” said Alvarez.