Austrian gaming giant Novomatic has committed €120,000 and two further years to addiction research and therapy at a Vienna university.

Novomatic has been working with the Medical University of Vienna – known as MedUni Vienna – in the field of addiction prevention since 2006 and that co-operation has now been extended for another two years.

During those two years, Novomatic will provide support for research projects on addiction research and addiction therapy, worth €120,000.

“Co-operation in the field of addiction prevention, science and research form part of Novomatic’s corporate responsibility,” said Dr Eva Glawischnig (pictured), head of group corporate responsibility and sustainability at Novomatic.

“This commitment is not limited to Austria but instead takes place in all countries in which we operate,”

In addition to the treatment work, there is also specific research work on prevention and therapy at the MedUni Vienna in Vienna’s General Hospital.

Professor Gabriele Fischer enjoys international recognition as head of the drug outpatient clinic, addiction research and addiction therapy at the MedUni Vienna due to her in-depth research work. For example, she advises the United Nations and the World Health Organisation as an expert.

“Part of the research projects is only possible because of the co-financing of private sponsors. Novomatic has been making a substantial contribution for years to support independent research work,” said Professor Fischer.