The NFL looks to casino sector for expansion of franchise partnerships

The NFL has detailed that it is open to allowing land-based casino operators the right to partner with football franchises.

The announcement, which would lift the league’s long-standing ban on gambling marketing, is significant when it comes to building harmony, between the nation’s most popular sports league and the US casino sector.

Ahead of the new season which commences on 7 September, NFL Chief Media Officer Brian Rolapp emphasised that the league is looking to permit casino advertising in time for 2018/19 games.

It has been widely detailed that the majority of NFL franchise owners are in favour of relaxing the league’s rules on gambling-related content, majorly expanding the the sponsorship opportunities for the league’s clubs, in a post-PASPA market.

Nonetheless, US media is reporting that league is planning to add a number of stipulations to partnerships, safeguarding franchise relationships with gambling enterprises.

The deal will be limited to casino partnerships, meaning NFL casino sponsors will be prohibited from directly advertising related sportsbook properties through the NFL. Additionally, the league will not permit any syndicated franchise to take-up a revenue-share or wagering- oriented partnership with a gambling enterprise.

Opening the league to gambling advertising, the NFL seeks to maintain a brand-centric approach for casino advertisers, who will be allowed to display NFL team logos across their advertising verticals.

Further reported stipulations, see the NFL limit initial casino advertising to pre and post-match TV programming, with the league prohibiting the marketing of gambling-related content during in-game segments.

At present, the NFL governance is yet to fully disclose its official directives on gambling advertising.