Gambling content developer Spiffbet has partnered with operator Jokerbet to launch the fun, in-play Take5 live game in Spain, rebranded as Joker-5.

The innovative, mobile game allows players to select a match and bet if they think a goal
will be scored in the next five-minute period.

Lennart Gillberg, CEO of Spiffbet, said: “We are delighted to go live with Jokerbet, a major presence in Spain, both land-based and online. We look forward to exploring a range of opportunities with this established brand.

“The timing for this launch is perfect, just before Christmas when everyone is feeling festive, games are on and everyone is out socialising and having fun.

“Due to the simplistic nature of the game, everyone can get involved and play.”

Jorge Justicia, CEO at Jokerbet, added: “We have big plans for the Joker-5 game as we consider the concept to work well as an acquisition, retention and cross-sell too, but the fun nature of the game will also create a buzz socially.

“We are looking forward to launching additional games soon,” he said.