Keno Neon is the latest take on an old favourite from casino gaming content developer InBet Games.


Out now.


“Another mesmerising version of Keno has joined Inbet Games’ diverse portfolio of Keno games – Keno Neon.”


Featuring glittering numbers on the Keno board and accompanied by a funky soundtrack, Keno Neon adds more spice to gaming and makes the drawing process more intriguing and fun for players.

The hallmark of Keno Neon that sets it apart from all other Inbet’s Keno versions is that it allows players to make up to 200 bets per round, as opposed to 50. Simultaneous winnings on different bets are also added.

The hinge of the game is simple and the same as in all other Keno’s versions: selected numbers that coincide with the drawn numbers constitute a win. Players can select up to 10 numbers in one bet, and 20 numbers are drawn per each Keno round. The betting period lasts 60 seconds, while the playing period is 45 seconds.

There is also a consolation prize awarded on some occasions, when a player selects from seven numbers that do not coincide with any of the drawn numbers.

Generous betting options combined with a high RTP of 93 per cent over six-to-nine picks, make Keno Neon an engaging choice for players with any appetite for risk.


There sure is, you can try it out here on the InBet site.