Angels vs Demons is the latest video slot title from independent games developer AGames.


Out now.


AGames invites players to find out “What side are you on when it comes to a battle between good and evil? Would you support the powers of light and bring heaven to the world or drawn into darkness with the beasts of hell? Time to find out”.

Through the introduction of its latest slot game, the organisation vows to deliver an experience you won’t forget, no matter which side you end up aligning yourself with.

The five reels three symbols high are placed on the contrasting background divided into an angel and demon sector, a celestial light and clouds accompany the stairway to heaven at the left, while fire shines the path down to the hell dwellers’ castle on the right.


Angels vs Demons features two types of wild symbols, with angel wilds appearing on reel one and demon wilds showing on reel five, which ends with each moving towards the opposite side at the start of each re-spin.

Free spins are triggered by the double wild, appearing when angel and demon merge in the main game, and vanishing upon free spin activation.

Depending on where symbols have merged free spins are divided into angel and demon, with celestial symbols (fairy, grail and angel) and demon (skull, imp and demon) absent when each is played.


Dmitriy Dubinin, project manager at AGames, commented: “Angels vs Demons is one of the most alluring slot games we have ever created. We believe, players will appreciate it and embrace its magical ambience with pleasure.

“The neutral book symbol has the highest payout, while demonic and angelic symbols are equal. We hope you enjoy our new slot game, Angels vs Demons.”


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