Queen’s Day Tilt is the latest online slot released by gaming content supplier Play’n Go.


Out now.


Based on the Accession Day tilts started under the reign of Queen Elizabeth I, Play’n Go’s new title is said to be “based around the fun and festivities that took place during the celebration”.

In development of its new introduction, Play’n Go states that they “have again paid particular detail to historical accuracy, providing an extra edge to the game and its design”.


Queen’s Day Tilt is the first 3×3 grid slot from Play’n Go, “a modern update of a classic slot game design, allowing for larger symbols and easier visibility while increasing the chances of clearing the grid, creating a lot more action for the players”.

Using the 3×3 slot format Play’n Go is striving to add the effect of boosting entertaining gameplay and features, including a “powerful re-spin” called accession day, which features only the high paying knight symbols.


Johan Törnqvist, Play’n GO chief executive officer, stated a belief that the company “are flying high right now and will continue to do so,” adding: “The win at the IGA’s were a great accolade for us to pick up, our second award of the year and we’re only in February!

“This coupled with a very successful showing at ICE this year has put us into a positive position very early in the year, and we will capitalise on that and continue releasing amazing games, such as Queen’s Day Tilt.”


Törnqvist spoke to CasinoBeats as 2018 came to a close, addressing a number of topics including the challenge in developing fresh titles: “Creating new and engaging titles is always a challenge when you take it as seriously as we do.

“There are a lot of games being released into the market these days and competition is fierce. But we welcome it as it forces us to raise our game and become even more creative, even more innovative.

“The heart of Play’n Go is its people, and we have people that love producing and experiencing these games. We put ourselves in the shoes of the players, we don’t ask what we want to put out but, what are the players wanting to play and, so far, our experience and dynamism has won out in the market.”