As G2E Asia fast approaches, and many industry stakeholders put plans in place for a fleeting visit to Macau, Dynamic Partners are inviting a select few individuals to take a closer, deeper, VIP look into the region via Cotai Connect, organised in partnership with G2E Asia .

Offering a full day guided tour of a selection of properties, with a focus on each location’s unique highlights, participants are to receive an insider look at some of Macau’s most successful integrated resorts, while also benefiting from c-level networking opportunities.

Included in this year’s tour are the Parisian Macao, Galaxy Macau and Wynn Palace, with a series of exclusive insights set to be provided into a variety of the inner workings of each.

CasinoBeats followed up with Harmen Brenninkmeijer, managing partner at Dynamic Partners, to get the lowdown on the thought process and aims of Cotai Connect: “Many of us who work in the industry, come to Macau.

“We have an intellectual and commercial interest to understand what makes Macau tick. However, when you are just visiting for a few days at a time – how do you get a true understanding of the market? First impressions are often only that, and don’t make up for a proper understanding of the market, nor for the nuances that make Macau what it is,” he says.

The hope is that we are able to build a communication bridge between markets”

“Many people have asked us in the past such questions as ‘why are there so few machines?’ or ‘why is there not more variety of the tables being offered?’ The answers are often a combination between commercial approach as well as being governed by regulations and building allowances, as well as the demands of the customers.

“The Cotai Connect is designed to give EMEA and international casino operators unique insight into the operations of IRs in Macau, providing operators direct access to the Macau operators, who are open to share their knowledge and experience with their contemporaries from abroad.

“Cotai Connect is an opportunity for international operators to network, and to immerse themselves in to some of the most successful Macau casino resorts.

“This program is designed and focused on providing value to operators from markets outside of Asia. It’s somewhat unique and an informal environment where operators can focus on the nuances of operations in Macau.

“The hope is that we are able to build a communication bridge between markets, and to assist operators from markets outside Asia with their strategy and approach to catering for Chinese customers in their own casinos.”

Set to welcome no more than 40 participants to its journey around the territory, Brenninkmeijer emphasised what benefits each can be expected to take away: “The inaugural event in 2018 was a bit of an experiment, and we weren’t sure how it would be received by the Macau operators, or by the participants.

We are looking to replicate the experience of getting a real insider’s guide to IR operations”

“However, it was embraced by the Macau properties we visited, and their candidness was refreshing and very well received by the participants. Participants were able to ask any question about the operations they saw, and our c-level guides were totally open with their answers.

“It had the feel of a real exchange of ideas and approaches, from one operator to another, all in the interests of developing mutual understanding.”

Before adding on lessons learned from last year’s event, as well as what’s been made different about this year’s Cotai Connect to make it stand out: “The stand-out takeaways from last year revolved around the level of access gained by the participants. We are looking to replicate the experience of getting a real insider’s guide to IR operations in Macau.

“This year’s event is going to be similar in its approach and we will be visiting Galaxy Macau, Wynn Palace and the Parisian Macao. The main differences will be that we will organise the networking between the participating operators and the executives from the Macau resorts a little more formally. We will also offer a standalone event during lunch focused on providing specific insight into catering for Chinese customers.”

The Chinese are still ‘new’ to gaming, and as customers of the largest IRs in the world they have changing demands”

With individuals potentially arriving with high expectations, Brenninkmeijer concluded by explaining how a schedule and destinations for the tour are established: “The credit for organising the schedule really goes to our local partners and to Reed, the organisers of G2E Asia. They each have an in-depth understanding of the properties, specifically related to what they are willing to share and how best to structure the event.

“The tours are built around a combination of visual attractions to get an understanding of what’s there, what the key issues are and how the market is developing. The Chinese are still ‘new’ to gaming, and as customers of the largest IRs in the world they have changing demands.

“It’s interesting to really get a feel of how the operators are dealing with that in a challenging regulatory environment. In the end it’s also nice to get to know like-minded people that participate as well to form new relationships, so between what you see and hear, you get to make new connections.”

The operators Cotai Connect package costs HKD$3,500 per person with attendance limited to senior executives from operators, space is limited to 40 participants, at a maximum of two attendees per organisation.