NetEnt is striving to give operators a greater degree of choice, as well as increased scalability, via the introduction of its new Network Branded Casino.

The launch of the NBC model is designed to boost flexibility, in addition to increasing an operators control of their live casino environment.

Featuring three product tiers the casino content developer states that the NBC offers “an increasing level of customisation, from entry-level, which comes with generic backgrounds, to a fully tailored presentation that is bespoke to individual partners”.  

Adding in a media statement: “Each level delivers an immersive experience that allows operators to develop a live casino that builds strong player loyalty through interaction with some of the industry’s most professional and personable live dealers”.

The product is to contain two rooms, the first of which comes complete with a distinct blackjack focus that features two standard tables and one VIP entity.

In the second the focus switches to the new perfect blackjack title, alongside roulette and common draw blackjack, allowing players to move between both tables and rooms without having to go back to the lobby. 

“The Network Branded Casino from NetEnt Live has a range of quality solutions that suit all types of operators and their objectives,” commented Andres Rengifo, director of NetEnt live

“The product is fully attuned to their needs, allowing them to benefit from a state of the art live casino product and prioritise what is most important to their brand through new levels of flexibility.” 

The creation of the NBC is the latest development from NetEnt live, which added perfect blackjack to its stable last week.

The acquisition-focused game was developed in conjunction with Rank Group’s Grosvenor Casinos, the UK’s multi-channel casino operator, and is now available across the NetEnt live network. 

Perfect Blackjack deals players the ideal hand every time, allowing them to follow, watch and learn flawless strategy, and sees the house edge trimmed back to 0.5 per cent with all current and future players enjoying a return to player of 99.5 per cent.