QTech announces ‘stellar growth and success’ as targeted planning pays-off

Asian-focused games distributor QTech Games has announced stellar growth and success in Q3 following a number of sustainable incremental gains throughout 2019.

Financial figures released for the period has shown that the firm has seen gaming turnover in Asia increase year-on-year by 105 per cent in August, with 120 per cent YoY being recorded in September to round out the third quarter.

This increase in annual turnover has seen QTech comfortably outstrip the consensus-projections from industry analysts, the firm stressed in the report.

QTech emphasises that rises reported are premised on the viability of the new partnership model for European operators who are looking to secure their place in Asia. The company has offered to operate the Asian side of the business, where they will house operator staff or manage localised customer-service needs.

QTech Games CEO, Markus Nasholm, commented: “These fantastic results didn’t happen overnight, they are the result of targeted planning and execution from our talented team. So, it’s a wonderful validation of their combined hard work over this past year.”

The Asian game operator boasts a broad gaming portfolio, which has been localised for each region. It comes with native mobile apps and powerful reporting and marketing tools.

“We’ve long witnessed an emerging trend whereby European operators feel a pressing urgency to establish a presence in Asia,” Nasholm continued.

“However, they encounter obstacles to entry – from regulatory and business reasons to specific market know-how across Asia’s patchwork quilt. Where once there were barriers, though, QTech Games is now building a bridge.

“Outsourcing customer service and admin has been a staple in all other industries for the past 20 years or more, and QTech has now applied the process to igaming. With our extensive industry experience and expertise, we have been running a progressively successful platform business in Asia for years from an established and well-resourced headquarters in Manila.”

Living by a mantra of “one integration for all the emerging and growth markets,” QTech states that it now harnesses the “largest knowledge-base” for emerging Asian markets. Through this, they deliver support which is accessible for any operator who is bidding to enter these territories.

“We can assist in three basic ways,” Nasholm says. “QTech can run a full-service operation in Asia (including product, promotions, CS and legals) but the site still sits on the operator’s platform. We can run the brand on an Asian white-label format – i.e. acting as a distinct unit on behalf of the operator. Or we can just run the customer services and admin.

“At QTech, our mission has always been reassuringly straightforward: To secure the best online games in the world and distribute them to a burgeoning portfolio of global operators. Mobile games remain the core focus and that’s naturally indicative of the escalating smartphone adoption rates, affordability and internet connectivity across Asia.

“If you are not present in rapidly developing markets such as China, India, and Japan, you’re missing a box of tricks. The volumes here are megalithic and appear to maintain growth in double-digit (even triple-digit) increments year-on-year. This pattern is established – you can either resist it, or embrace it.”