Throughout Responsible Gambling Week, CasinoBeats is offering insight and opinion from leading figures in the gaming sector.

Today we hear from Swintt CEO David Flynn, who moderated a session on CSR and gaming at September’s CasinoBeats Summit, at which the recently launched developer was the Platinum Sponsor.

“This is the first time we’ve actually presented the new company,” explains Flynn. “We’re presenting all our products, the direction were going in and a whole new suite of gamification tools.” And that direction includes a heavy focus on CSR activities and, as Flynn puts it, acting as human beings.

“To gaming companies – and everyone in general – it’s the right thing to do,” he says. “The most important reason I’m doing it is that I feel good about what I do for the world.

“My aim is that every company in the industry has a CSR initiative – and is hopefully working with us.”

At the 2019 CasinoBeats Summit, Flynn moderated a high-profile sustainable gaming panel that included Green Jade Gaming chairman and former Mr Green CEO Jesper  KärrbrinkMicrogaming CEO John Coleman and former Sky Betting & Gaming CEO Richard Flint. Does such a high-profile panel suggest CSR and responsible gambling in particular are now getting the attention it merits? Flynn thinks so.

“In terms of responsible gambling, its really important to look after our customers… and that we ensure that there are no damaging impacts on their lives. There are a number of charities here [at the Summit] and people that have been addicts in the past and to hear their stories is heartbreaking,” he says. “It may be a small percentage but the impact is really hard on those people and their families.”

Some suggest there’s a risk that the industry might become too focused on responsible gambling measures – does Flynn think is this a possibility? “It’s a simple response – no.”

Watch the full video interview with David Flynn below.