Instead of seeing ‘getting live’ as the final part in a deal between a gaming operator and content provider, communication and marketing support from the provider should increase post integration writes TVBET CEO Peter Korpusenko.

Online gambling stands out as an excellent example of a sector in which ongoing marketing and product placement, alongside careful analysis of operational status, is so important. 

To put the battle for market share into context, a study from Grand View Research Inc has predicted that the global market size will reach $103bn by 2025, registering a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 11.5 per cent over the next six years. We expect live games to play its part in this boom, growing to take a 30 per cent share of the market.

Whether it’s live games or traditional slots, operators must be at their best to keep attracting and retaining customers. Contrary to popular belief, it is no longer enough to just to obtain the right licences, connect some third party games and products, launch a site and wait for a flow of traffic to translate to huge gross gaming revenues (GGR). 

In the long term, such an approach post launch date will likely result in a suspension of operational activities due to a lack of liquidity. So, how can you counter this? How can you reinvigorate traffic flow to the games without a sufficient marketing budget? Are you held back by an inability to allocate the right resources to running jackpots and player bonuses?

We are aware that the list of problems may be very different, stretching across both internal and external factors. Therefore, at TVBET we decided to create a dedicated partnership department to help our operators, the main objective of which is to provide ongoing development and marketing support for an operator post integration.

Instead of stopping communication after integration, it should be the other way round. The partner deploys our games and receives – as a bonus – a marketing team that will work with them in three main areas: on analysis of the operational status, development of a product promotional strategy and implementation of the strategy together with the operator’s team.

An excellent tool for attracting and retaining new players is the use of jackpots. On average, we are helping our partners to run 660 jackpot draws (around 20 a day) each month, for a total average sum of €30,000 per operator. Of course, this average could be higher or lower depending on the size of the operator and its target audience.

It might not seem like huge pools of money, but it is enough to maintain interest across the suite of live TVBET games and in turn produce a constant growth in GGR. It is also a carefully managed amount – at current betting volumes – to retain an exclusive feel for the jackpots, rather than ‘devaluing’ the product through running too many.

How do we know it works? Well, since implementing promotional tools such as jackpots through the partnership department, the total audience for TVBET’s live games on one of the operators we are working with has gone out from 1.5 million to 2.2 million. Our analytics also tells us that those who use jackpot tools are 27 per cent more popular than those who don’t.

However, it’s not just about jackpot promotions. This partnership department also provides additional marketing promotions for live games – so that operators don’t need to use up too much of their own resources trying to popularise the games – and implements tools such as contests, promo codes, cashback and free bets. Our experience working with both sports and casino operators helps us to deploy the right tools on a case-by-case basis.

The collaborative process must not stop at the launch date. To make the most of the partnership with your provider, it’s essential to consider the right promotional tools and marketing support to grow in parallel with the increased demand for live games.