The All-in Diversity Project is to launch its first campaign of 2020 later this month, with #opendoors designed to celebrate those who have opened career doors for others, or those who have made it through are now holding it open for others.

The industry-driven initiative that aims to benchmark diversity, equality and inclusion in the gaming and betting industry is to showcase the campaign Monday 27 January, the week before ICE 2020. 

“Aside of the opportunity to celebrate those who champion others, we’re hoping that the association of a visual tag linked to some of the most successful individuals and companies in the industry says it all – diversity works,” states Christina Thakor-Rankin, co-founder of the All-in Diversity Project.

It is hoped that the new campaign can highlight the fact that everyone can make a difference, and how doing so helps increase levels of diversity, leading to innovation, internationalisation and an increase on the bottom line.  

“The idea behind #opendoors is simple,” added Kelly Kehn, co-founder of All-in Diversity Project. “If we really want to progress and be a more diverse and inclusive industry, we need to recognise that we did not get to where we are in our career without the help of someone along the way. 

“By thanking someone who helped you, you are also pledging that you are willing to hold the door open for someone else who might need it. When we recognise that we didn’t get here alone, we are also recognising some people do not benefit from that support because of assumptions, bias, etc and immediately become more conscious of our differences.”

The campaign will be accompanied by an All-in pin badge at ICE 2020 that individuals and companies can wear/display to show their support. 

This follows the All-in Diversity Project entering into a new partnership with Seventh Wave Corporate Training to offer practical education and training on diversity and inclusion across the sector.