Simplicity, so often a quality desired across many walks of life and at the forefront of a number of new introductions spanning multiple industries on a global scale. A concept that also led Catena Media’s thought process upon introducing its new casino comparison tool.

The purpose of the new development is to aid users in the decision making process; aiding players in visualising decisions without creating a number of tabs and placing products side by side. 

Details listed are done to add meaning to what could otherwise be deemed a too technical product specification sheet, explaining why a certain feature is relevant to the customer or how a certain product fits better to the customer’s needs better than others.

Aleksandar Staletovic, product owner of new casinos at Catena Media, has been speaking to CasinoBeats about why the development of the tool was deemed necessary and what advantages are envisaged as a result: “ was always used by players to find and compare the latest new casinos in the industry. They could already compare ratings and bonuses in our toplists, but beyond this, they had to open up each individual review for additional info.

“We wanted to take this one step further, simplify the journey, and allow them to compare casinos as closely as possible.

We assume many of our competitors will start to copy us”

“The idea was simple: If you are already a member of an established online casino, say LeoVegas or Betsafe, you want to see how the new casino you are thinking of joining stacks up. Or, alternatively, if you are torn between several new casinos, you want to see which has the best game selections, payment options, and more.

“We did extensive market and competitor research and found that, while comparison tools are common in other industries, our fellow casino review websites just don’t use them. There was no good reason why. If you want to allow players to compare casinos, why not give them the best and easiest experience?”

Adding on what is anticipated moving forward: “We assume many of our competitors will start to copy us, but by being so far ahead of the curve we believe we will get the greatest boost, and that our readers see that we always aim to be first on new innovations.

“At the moment the comparison tool, fully developed in-house by the team, will allow our readers to choose up to three casinos and compare their features, bonuses and T&Cs in an easy and handy way, which in turn makes the process of finding the right casino faster and safer. 

“After comparing these, the reader can still choose to read the full casino review, just as in the old days, or they may just have everything they need. They may also change out one or more of the casinos and keep comparing. There is a simple search allowing you to look into every casino we have ever reviewed.

“We don’t try to induce or convince readers to sign up here or there”

“We are incredibly proud to be able to offer our readers such a comprehensive tool, giving them the opportunity to truly take control of their choice and make informed decisions.”

With such a volume of information given up regarding the tool, what metrics are used to determine the rating out of ten stars for each entity: “To determine the ratings our editors look into several aspects of a casino and its features; these are mainly the bonus on offer, the payment options available, the games portfolio, how easy and comfortable is to navigate and find your way around the casino, how good it is their customer support service and which licences they hold. 

“We weigh all these and rate them accordingly to give a fair score that readers can take into consideration when choosing the best casino for them.”

In recent times Catena Media has placed responsibility and sustainability as huge factors in its operations, with several examples evident and much being said about several moves made.

Staletovic explained how the new tool is in-keeping with this consistently stressed outlook: “Catena Media is definitely moving forward in that sense and it is important that it is reflected in all of our products. This tool aims, first and foremost, at responsible gaming because it empowers our readers with as much information about a casino as is possible before they make a decision. 

“We offer all new casinos a chance to show their best features and practices but we don’t try to induce or convince readers to sign up here or there, instead, we facilitate the search by allowing them to compare any new casino with casinos they already know or even play at.”

Telling them the truth and helping them make informed decisions is the best way to be trusted and relied upon”

In-keeping with the topic of responsibility, Staletovic moved on to address how important it is that users are able to make increasingly informed decisions: “Most of our readers are experienced players that know how online casinos work but we also have several readers that are still discovering what’s good for them and what’s not. 

“We already offer in-depth reviews about the casinos and many details that other affiliate sites don’t; on top of that we facilitate the comparison process, compare casinos and all the interesting bits on offer we show our readers that we care about their satisfaction and safety. Telling them the truth and helping them make informed decisions is the best way to be trusted and relied upon.”

Before concluding on the importance of breaking down what can often appear as a too technical product specification: “It is not a mystery that we are all different and our user research reflected just that; we all seek tailored user experience.

“Each one of our readers chooses their next new casino based on several aspects, some focus on the welcome bonus offer, the licenses a casino holds, how easy they can get support if they need to, the number of games available, etc. 

“This allows them to make an informed decision based exactly on what they consider important to find in a casino before signing up. We want to offer all that in an easy and rewarding comparison tool tailored for them. And we truly believe that this is the best way of giving our users control of their choice.”