BetGames.TV has seen demand for its services soar during recent weeks and months with a number of partnerships evident, amplifying the message of a previous CasinoBeats article entitled ‘Live betting games: this summer’s ultimate sportsbook cross-sell?’

Such manoeuvres have been hugely documented during the current health crisis as the cancellation of global sporting events continues to much debate amid a logical and crucial safe date/s of resumption.

SBTech, Amelco and Microgaming are a trio firm’s to expand courtesy of BetGames.TV’s live dealer offerings, with the increased uptake coming as no surprise to the company’s CCO Richard Hogg.

“ has been doing what is does for 8 years now, growing for a small team to a fully-fledged operation with over 160 members of staff mainly based out of our offices in Vilnius, Lithuania. During this time we are fortunate to have worked with many operators and software suppliers across the globe allowing us to gather intel to optimise our games and all round service,” he says.

“Our relationships with our partners are of paramount importance to us and this has been rewarded by their loyalty to us as a supplier. Of course this would not be worthwhile on both sides if the revenues were not achieved. Given our product was unique when we launched it we faced an uphill battle taking it to market. But with partners who truly believed we were able to reap the rewards. 

A willingness to understand our product and present it to the end user in the way we know to work best is key for success”

“One such client being Hollywood Bets in South Africa who saw an opportunity to take our product into their market place. We worked together and delivered not only an online product but a retail solution which is viable in all of their outlets. Given we were able to secure licensing early on and with our speed to market we are the number one product across the region sports betting aside. 

“ has been able to retain its own identity which is reflected in branded areas within the retail outlets, not only in Hollywood Bets shops, but all others too. We are live on over 1,300 websites and in over 1,700 retail outlets across 4 continents now so we now hope we are proven as a product. 

“When talking to new clients and partners we look for a similar belief from them we have seen from our successful relationships. A willingness to understand our product and present it to the end user in the way we know to work best is key for success.”

Alongside a desire to forge new collaborations, or extend those already in place, is the eagerness to secure new market entries, a continuous ambition for so many.

“More recently STS added us in Poland which had been a slow market for us in the past, but the results we have seen since going live have been astonishing and have gone further to prove that those who are willing to take a risk with us will be rewarded,” Hogg commented. 

“Similarly we saw pleasing results when launching in India on 10cric, the business managers were so impressed they have declared their interest to work harder on pushing our content. We believe our product appeals to many markets for different reasons, and the ability to spend small and win big is certainly one which works well in Africa and India.

We have taken past user experience and are now careful on how best to position ourselves as a product”

“In addition the live element and the additional functionality we have added such as acca’s and subscription (as well as tournaments and jackpots) bets gives the product further stickiness amongst users.”

The necessity to adapt from retail to online or increase the focus on cross-sell has been amplified significantly during global lockdowns, with Hogg addressing just why BetGames’ titles appeal to players across verticals: “We have taken past user experience and are now careful on how best to position ourselves as a product. We don’t refer to ourselves as a live dealer casino supplier, instead preferring to use the phrase ‘live dealer betting games supplier’.

“Casino players don’t usually understand the betting element of our games which are in fixed odds format, but they are quick to understand once they see the visuals alongside the betting opportunities. Sports bettors in the main don’t like casino games because they understand the house edge element and aren’t so keen with RNG’s. 

“However with our games taking live real events and create competitive pricing for outcomes this resonates well with them. Finally, poker players who again don’t like casino games but understand probability like the opportunity of pitting their skills against our odds on games like bet on poker. We know from our clients that our games help with cross selling products.”

As the aforementioned covid-19 pandemic continues to have devastating impacts across a multitude of industries, mitigation efforts continue as organisations strive to minimise the consequences to society as well as ongoing operations.

“…We are getting multiple enquires every week now from new partners”

“For all of us I think it has been a shocking experience in general,” Hogg continued on the health crisis. “It is just hard to comprehend in this world what we are facing. However, we must continue and is no different to anyone else. The bittersweet side of this is that because there is little sports activity our product is helping to fill the void left. 

“Since January we have seen an increase of over 30 per cent in our online bets, retail has been less fortunate since South Africa has entered lock down, but as soon as that happened we saw a migratory increase to online. 

“This is just with our existing clients, we are getting multiple enquires every week now from new partners, and are signing 3 or 4 new contracts on a weekly basis. As we have announced we have just launched on Microgaming Quickfire and SB Tech and expect to see further enquiries in the coming weeks. Once our integrations with Amelco and a number of other platforms are concluded this is only going to increase further.”

Concluding: “We are all working from home apart from the studio staff. We are doing everything we can to protect them and have put in place many additional measures to ensure our studios will function 27/7 no matter. We are based in Vilnius where the outbreak is minimal thus far, but that hasn’t stopped us taking extreme measures. 

“Of course we can’t combat measures countries may take such as banning online gaming (which was talked about in Latvia for example), but we can support most instances such as a reduced spend since our games are usually small spend but keep players playing for longer. is a very compliant company and has a number of licences and approvals to operate in multiple jurisdictions which ensures we can spread our content wide and far without restriction.”