International Game Technology has expanded its US footprint after signing a two-year contract extension with the New York Lottery, extending its current agreement to August 6, 2022.

Delivered through its IGT Global Solutions Corporation subsidiary, the firm will deliver 400 GameTouch self-service vending machines to the Lottery and continue providing the group with a central system, terminals, and ongoing services.

In addition to its lottery technology and solutions, IGT also provides the New York Lottery with services that include the installation and maintenance of terminals, retailer training, field services, call center support, and instant ticket warehousing and distribution.

This becomes the latest contract secured by IGT, after unveiling link-ups with Tacoma, Washington’s Emerald Queen I-5 Casino, FanDuel and the in-development $2.2bn Crown Sydney Hotel Resort, in recent weeks.

“As the leader in the global gaming industry, IGT delivers excellence by focusing our innovations in content, hardware and platform technology that enable customers such as the New York Lottery to continue its ranking as one of the largest and most successful lotteries in the world,” stated Jay Gendron, IGT chief operating officer of lottery

“IGT is pleased to extend our long-term partnership with the Lottery and we will do our part to ensure that it continues to set record-breaking sales and maximise its more than $68bn contribution to education in New York.”

Earlier this month IGT announced continued struggles in the face of COVID-19 headwinds, with a series of declines felt across the second quarter reflecting “the intense impact of global lockdowns caused by the pandemic”.

Continuing the theme of the firm’s Q1 figures, which saw declines in each business segment and across all primary revenue streams, revenue for the latest quarter plummeted 48 per cent from $1.23bn to $637m.

This was driven by global gaming dropping 72 per cent due to the closure of casinos and gaming halls, fewer unit shipments, and lower systems and software sales compared to the prior year and global lottery revenue falling 26 per cent on reduced traffic to points of sale and temporary game shutdowns in Italy.