Rightlander takes affiliate compliance solutions to Trustly and Footstock


Rightlander has joined forces with both Trustly and Footstock in a bid to help both providers improve affiliate compliance and boost their responsible gambling measures.

As a result, Trustly, the payment solutions provider, and Footstock, which merges fantasy football engagements with player trading components, are to gain a range of affiliate compliance tools which include the Automated Compliance Monitor, PPC Monitor and Proactive Affiliate Finder.

Nicole Mitton, head of customer success at Rightlander.com, commented: “The Rightlander platform makes this process easy and efficient, and ensures operators and suppliers can be confident that the affiliates they are working with are fully compliant with the rules and regulations they must adhere to.

“We are delighted to have joined forces with Trustly and Footstock to help them improve their affiliate compliance initiatives.”

The Automated Compliance Monitor helps detect non-compliant content across geographies including the United Kingdom, Sweden, Denmark, Australia, and the United States. 

This flags potential violations, such as missing terms and conditions, outdated offers, incorrect marketing assets, allowing firms to remain compliant in different jurisdictions.

“At Trustly, we take responsible gambling very seriously, and it’s great to have a trusted partner like Rightlander that can help us promote it,” noted Vasilije Lekovic, director of gaming at Trustly.

The Proactive Affiliate Finder scans millions of web pages every month to identify new and prominent sites, while the PPC Monitor identifies harmful ads to stop them from appearing on an operator’s branded keywords.

James Copeland, chief marketing officer at Footstock, said “Rightlander are a key component in our ongoing endeavour to ensure Footstock and our growing affiliate network take responsible gambling as seriously as possible. We’ve already benefited from their great software and customer service.”