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MGM Resorts International has been recognised for making significant investments in clean energy according to the latest Solar Means Business report released by the Solar Energy Industries Association.

Solar Means Business 2019 tracks projects in all 50 states, with traditionally strong solar markets like Arizona, New York, North Carolina, California, and New Jersey leading the way.

The annual report documents both on-site and off-site installations, highlighting the strong appeal of cost-saving solar energy for American businesses.

“The world’s most recognisable brands are walking the walk when it comes to their clean energy commitments,” explained Abigail Ross Hopper, president and CEO of SEIA

“Businesses are choosing solar energy because it can significantly curb their energy costs and add predictability during these uncertain times. We expect that the corporate sector will make greater investments in solar as businesses make and follow through on clean energy commitments to address the climate crisis.”

Among the initiatives rolled-out by the casino operator is a 2018 link-up with Invenergy for the development of a 100-megawatt solar array, designed to provide up to 90 percent of total daytime power needs across MGM Resorts’ 13 Las Vegas Strip properties, representing nearly 70 million square feet of buildings. Construction on the solar array will be completed by mid-2021.

The MGM Resorts Mega Solar Array will produce enough electricity to power the equivalent of approximately 27,000 homes for a year, and will be made up of 300,000 panels covering 700 acres with the firm using all the energy that the array generates.

“We’re proud to be recognised by the SEIA for our commitment to solar energy,” said Henry Shields, executive director of analytics for the MGM Resorts design an development group

“Our multiple solar array projects embody not only the long legacy we have for our environmentally responsible practices, but also the hopes we have for future generations to come.”