The igaming industry rarely stands still as it tries to bring new concepts and products to life for its players. Yet, sometimes simplicity can be the answer.

That’s according to the team at TVBET, which recently announced a “new and unparalleled” addition to its roster of live gamesFruitRace. We asked a representative of the company for more on the game’s key concepts, how to play and why bettors will keep coming back.

CasinoBeats: What are the basic concepts of the game?

TVBETThe first thing that catches your eye is the lottery machine – a certified mechanical device with a rounded lottery drum. The drum, made in the style of a racing track, circles 10 drawing balls several times, randomly mixing them, before a sideways trap door opens and the lottery balls fall through into the resulting tube. 

Then attention falls to the image comparison panel. This is a special panel with a drawing of the entire set of images. It is used for comparison with the images on the lottery balls when they hit the resulting tube. 

And the last main attribute of the game is lottery balls. In total, 10 balls of different colours and with different images are used in the game. The drawing balls set consists of three blue balls with plums, three yellow balls with lemons, three red balls with cherries, and one orange ball with the number seven. 

CB: And how do you play?

TVBET: The game is very simple. It gives a huge advantage to operators whose audience doesn’t like to learn the rules and can instead play immediately. 

Each game, the balls are released into the lottery drum, make a few revolutions around the machine and are randomly selected into the resulting tube. Then the drawing balls are vertically lined up against the image comparison panel to determine displaying the result.

All the player needs to do is place a bet and guess the most matches. The winning is paid out in case of four or more matches (10 maximum), or if only one number seven matches. The round of making bets lasts for about 30 seconds, while the draw itself also lasts about 30 seconds. Games are held every one minute, 24 hours a day and seven days a week.

CB: If immediate speed of play and easy education is the big advantage for the operator, what are the major plus points for the player?

TVBET: The main advantage of FruitRace is the simplicity and speed of the game. The rounds last no longer than a minute, the punter only needs to make one bet, and all the rules of play are easy to understand. 

CB: Is it more for the ‘bettor’ or those who prefer the casino style?

TVBET: For both. Thanks to its speed and simplicity, the game is becoming more and more popular every day for casino players and bettors who can play quickly between matches.

CB: And finally, what are the bonus options?

In addition to the regular winnings, FruitRace players can win various additional bonuses. For example, there is a special condition for the ball with number 7; if it coincides with the “sector 7”, the player wins a bonus. Moreover, all players with winning bets automatically participate in a random three-level jackpot draw.

So, all this makes the FruitRace game really unique and attractive to punters. TVBET always tries to surprise its partners and, once again, it has created something exceptional. We will try to keep this up!