Bill Miller, president and CEO of the American Gaming Association, has added his voice to the wave of optimism for the gaming industry’s recovery as the association delivered its annual ‘State of the Industry’ address at the Global Gaming Expo 2020.

Praising the “great resolve” of the industry and asserting “gaming is on its way back,” the comments follow a $2bn loss in gaming tax revenue across all states during the first four months of the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Gaming’s continued innovation, coupled with our deep-rooted culture of compliance, have our industry on solid ground as we continue our recovery,” Miller stated as he began to document the industry’s efforts in rebounding from the health crisis.

He also highlight AGA research which shows that more Americans view gaming positively than ever before as evidence of a strong foundation for the industry’s recovery. 

Fifty percent of American adults have a favourable impression of the casino industry, up five points in two years. Additionally, nine in 10 (89 per cent) adults view gambling as an acceptable form of entertainment.

“We have built this support over many decades,” noted Miller. “As gaming has grown from two states in 1978 to 44 states today, more and more Americans have gotten to know us…They recognise the positive impact we deliver: The jobs we support; the small businesses we sustain; and the tax revenue we contribute…These are the reasons Americans have embraced gaming and they will fuel gaming’s recovery.”

Addressing delegates, Miller went on to highlight the AGA’s three priorities to unite the industry and aid gaming’s recovery, namely building champions on Capitol Hill, payments modernization and growing the legal sports betting market.

Commenting on the association’s position in 2020, the 25th anniversary year, he said: “While COVID-19 may have shifted our plans, we never lost our focus. 

“If anything, the pandemic has elevated AGA’s role as the leading advocate for the American gaming industry. No matter how big the challenge, we have always worked hard to help this industry overcome it. And I’m confident we can do it again.”