Earlier this month, LeoVegas came out on top and claimed the Casino Operator of the Year at the SBC Awards 2020.

Following a very challenging 12 months for the industry, companies came together for one night to celebrate the achievements of overcoming many hurdles due to well-documented issues.

CasinoBeats spoke to Matthew Jakes, casino portfolio specialist at LeoVegas, who commented: “At LeoVegas we have a number of cornerstones which form the foundations of our passion to become the ‘King of Casino’. Chief among these is offering the greatest gaming experience.

“So, to be named Casino Operator of the Year by the SBC panel shows that we’re achieving that goal and it means that come Monday, we’ll be even more determined to build on that success.”

Asked why he thought they won this category, Jakes noted that if you were to ask this question to various others at LeoVegas, you would receive differing answers. He added: “That’s only testament to the numerous exciting features and innovations that come out of each and every department though. 

“We really care about what we do and whether that be Mobile Multiplay, Tournaments, LeoSafePlay or most recently our massive LeoVegas Jackpot – which is rapidly rising from its €5m starting pot – it shows.

“The heart of this lion is our casino product and it remains as strong today as the day we were born nearly ten years ago. Long-term relationships with a full-range of providers enables us to consistently offer exclusivity on some of the industry’s biggest releases, provide a top-quality selection of games and even create bespoke titles for our players.

“So, it’s impossible to say there is one thing that gives us the edge here, rather the combination of so many amazing people who have the answer.”

“Our success is down to an unwavering commitment to mobile gaming and that includes making the most of your home surroundings.”

After the challenges that 2020 brought to the industry, we saw a larger focus on the importance of the online sector. When asked if this shift was pivotal in LeoVegas’ success, Jakes explained: “This year has affected us all but due to our principal focus being within online casinos, we’ve been fortunate to ride a wave that has been kinder to us than others, that must be said. 

“Nonetheless, it’s been one hell of a year and while efforts to meet every regulatory expectation have been strenuous, it’s only a necessary challenge to meet the needs of a market which moved tremendously this year. 

“Our success is down to an unwavering commitment to mobile gaming and that includes making the most of your home surroundings.”  

Jakes went on to explain the importance of regulated markets, stating that they are ‘central’ to the ‘stability’ of LeoVegas and ‘demonstrate a determination to do things the right way’.

He continued: “We believe that regulation builds a safe and responsible place for our customers to play while also establishing confidence and greater understanding within our industry. 

“This becomes particularly important when Europe is looked upon as an international example of how the provision of online gaming can be handled and we expect that our experience will aid our growth on this front.  

“While regulation does come with its own unique set of challenges, these are more than outweighed by the benefits.”  

Asked how the company managed to navigate their way through such a challenging 12 months, Jakes simply stated: “As one, as one LeoVegas.

“While there may not have been the same face-to-face presence that we’re used to and stringent market conditions tightened yet further, it hasn’t stopped everybody from pulling together to make the most of the situation.

“We’ve adapted, learned new ways of working, and thanks to that challenger spirit, not only have we managed to continue providing the greatest gaming experience but we’ve actually improved it significantly too.”  

“We can assure you, with what’s in our pipeline, there’s plenty to be excited about in 2021.”

Casting his gaze towards the next 12 months, Jakes noted what he was looking forward to a ‘return to some sense of normality where everyone is safe and we can see each other again’.

He concluded: “It’s truly missed, even if it has brought us new improvements.

“But as a company, it’s like every year, we look forward to adding more ground-breaking features, growing the selection of casino games on offer and stretching our reach to new realms through a wider range of brands within the LeoVegas Group.  

“We can assure you, with what’s in our pipeline, there’s plenty to be excited about in 2021.”