As the increased demand for online gambling rolled on into Q4 2020, it was Keno which proved itself as the most popular live game on TVBET

Breaking down the data from Europe, CIS, Asia, Africa and Latin America, TVBET noticed that during Q4 2020, players were most inclined to wager on the ‘simple, engaging concept’.

Within the game, 20 numbered balls are randomly selected by a machine from a total of 80. Players are then able to place bets on their favourite combination of numbers for future draws, which TVBET says can give bettors the option to create accumulator bets and combine Keno wagers with other TVBET games.

Looking first at the data from Europe, 27.55 per cent of players favoured Keno, compared to 26.08 per cent of players who opted for PokerBet. This was followed by War of Elements, which was enjoyed by 13.09 per cent of European bettors.

For TVBET, it came as no surprise to see Keno and PokerBet as the most popular games in Europe, where their traditional formats have long been established as player favourites. 

Designed for both online and land-based casinos and bookmakers, PokerBet is based on the rules of Texas Hold’em. With five rounds in a game, players can bet on various hands and card combinations. An initial round of betting takes place before any cards are dealt. 

Then comes a round of pre-flop betting. Followed by betting on the flop, the turn, and the river – just as in the classic game of Texas Hold’em poker. 

Completing the TVBET live games podium in Europe was War of Elements. Despite not being a traditional fan favourite, its inclusion in the top three – according to TVBET – is largely down to the simple rules and eye-catching nature of the game.

The War of Elements game uses a standard deck of 52 cards, offering players three betting opportunities: Dealer, Player or War (a tie). 

The first player receives a card before the dealer gets a card to allow for further betting. After the dealer receives a card, the two are compared and a winner is determined. Whichever card is higher wins, but if both are the same, then this means war.

Moving East and the leaderboard for top games differed slightly in Asia, where Keno was knocked off top spot by Wheelbet. The game, which combines a classic ‘wheel of fortune’ with roulette, was enjoyed by 22.56 per cent.

Keno came in as the second most popular TVBET game in Asia, chosen by 17.53 per cent by players, while 12.13 per cent of players placed bets on 1Bet – a game where a single, numbered ball from a total of 37 is drawn out by a machine every minute. 

Flying over to Latin America and Keno was the undisputed favourite among players at the end of 2020 with 52.78 per cent of players opting for the game. PokerBet generated interest from 16.3 per cent of players, while 5.75 per cent of punters were fans of 7Bet.

In the 7Bet Game, a lottery machine randomly selects seven balls from a total of 42. Players can then place a bet on their favourite combination of both numbers and colours. Similar to Keno, bettors can wager on future draws, in addition to combining their 7Bet wagers with other TVBET games.

Unsurprisingly, Keno was also listed as the favourite game among bettors in Africa, where 37.79 per cent of all TVBET showed a preference for the game. 7Bet came in second with 16.85 per cent, while third place was held by WheelBet, which was enjoyed by 13.65 per cent.

In CIS countries, meanwhile, the situation is broadly similar to that in Europe with 32.03 per cent of players preferring to bet on Keno, while 22.90 per cent of bettors chose PokerBet and 15.68 per cent 7Bet. 

The data has, therefore, shown that Keno and PokerBet were the undisputed favourites from TVBET’s portfolio of live games across various different regions.

A TVBET spokesperson said: “Such games remain just as relevant in today’s society, and continue to attract more and more punters. And TVBET has done its best to preserve the originality of the games, while adapting them to the modern world of live streaming. 

“In this way these games do not lose their authenticity, but at the same time, they offer players something exciting and fresh. Which is precisely what makes them so attractive for players.”

So we’ve learned about the most popular games in 2020, but will the numbers tell a similar story this time next year? TVBET believes that with the addition of four new games to its portfolio in 2021, next year may see new games taking the top spot.